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Connexin acquires Pure Broadband to become one of the largest Alt-Nets in the North

Hull-based IoT and digital infrastructure specialist, Connexin, has acquired Pure Broadband as it continues its fibre expansion throughout Hull and the wider East Riding of Yorkshire region.

Connexin’s acquisition of Hull internet service provider (ISP) Pure Broadband will welcome over 15,000 new customers and increase its workforce to nearly 150 people – making Connexin one of the largest alternative network providers (Alt-Nets) in the North.

Pure Broadband, who recently won awards for its customer service and marketing, serve customers using wireless and fibre networks in Hull and on a national scale.

The news, which follows on from the acquisition of Hull ISP Wisper Broadband, scales the team and fast tracks Connexin’s commitment to challenge Hull’s incumbent provider. As the network continues to rapidly expand, this will give customers access to best-in-class broadband services.

Current Pure Broadband customers will see no change to their service or billing but will be able to elevate their broadband experience to the next level through the acquisition. Connexin recently demonstrated speeds of over 2Gbps – the fastest home broadband speeds in the city.

Furqan Alamgir, Co-founder and CEO of Connexin, said:

“This acquisition brings together two of the best technology companies in the region and I’m very proud to be welcoming Pure Broadband to the Connexin Group.

I would like to thank the shareholders at Pure Broadband for trusting us to take the business forward, along with Tony and the Pure team for joining us on our mission to create the best digital experience for the people of Hull and surrounding areas. The acquisitions of Wisper and Pure Broadband, along with the roll-out of our own 10Gbps capable full-fibre network, demonstrates our commitment to the region and investment into the local economy.

The transaction was supported by corporate law firm Orrick, and finance and tax due diligence specialist RSM.

Tony Jopling, Managing Director at Pure Broadband said:

“At Pure Broadband, we’ve been operating in Hull since 2009 to bring the people of the region a greater choice in broadband, as well as helping to create a better online experience for all citizens. We have a fantastic, passionate team at Pure Broadband, and this merger will present more opportunities for both our people and our customers.

Seeing Connexin develop over the years, it’s become clear that we have a shared ethos. Not only do the people of Hull and East Riding deserve to have a greater choice of broadband services, but also a quality that is next level to enhance the customer experience for all. As we unite with Connexin, I’m confident that the move will make our ambition become a reality.”