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Should You Consider Using A Cheap Dedicated Server?

Advances in hosting are happening all the time and while dedicated servers once needed a huge budget, a cheap dedicated server is now affordable for many businesses and offers a number of advantages over shared hosting.

What Are The Benefits?

A dedicated server is best when you need to host resource-intensive workloads, such as very high traffic websites, your own network of websites or online gaming servers for resource-heavy game servers such as Minecraft.

Unlike public servers or shared hosting resources, the entire computing resources of the server are dedicated to your application or website, and you aren’t having to share them with other clients.  This usually means a better and more stable experience for users of your service.

A dedicated server is just like having your own server on your own premises, purely dedicated to a single user, application or organisation’s data, website or service, it behaves in the same way as a server on your own premises would work, but your service provider takes care of it for you and it is physically kept at their premises (meaning you don’t have to worry about things like keeping room temperatures stable, ensuring a non-interruptible power supply and having networking expertise on site 24/7 to ensure that any downtime is minimal).

Why are dedicated servers better than an on-premises server at my office?

Your service provider will have a large number of dedicated servers on their premises, so these costs can be shared between customers rather than one person or organisation having to bear the cost of setting up their own on-site dedicated server.  It is this that enables service providers to provide a dedicated service at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own on-site dedicated server.

Why are there different pricing options?

Starting from as little as £15.99 per month, OVHCloud Servers are a typical example of a respected provider with a good offering at a very competitive price, but it’s important to get the right machine to suit your business.

The price you pay per month will be determined by the spec of the physical server you choose, in terms of processor, cores and memory, the physical space on the hard drive and the bandwidth (amount of traffic) your services will use.  It will also depend on which datacenter your machine is physically stored.

Choosing a Provider

When choosing a provider, you will want to check the availability of support (if they only have on site support for 8 hours a day, but your business runs 24/7, it’s not the right service for you).

You will also want to check the reliability, reputation and stability of the provider, so reading reviews is critical.

Overall, giving your websites and applications the stability of a dedicated service should be viewed as an investment in your business.  Finding the right provider who can help you match your needs to the right package will ensure you have a reliable, long term partnership and won’t be paying more than you need to.