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Deploy Now: Publish PHP projects directly via GitHub

IONOS has updated Deploy Now to support PHP projects. With the latest release, Deploy Now users can deploy applications with PHP runtime environments and relational databases automatically via GitHub. This allows developers to fully concentrate on PHP development without having to worry about infrastructure management or time-consuming manual deployment processes.

Deploy Now is a tailor-made solution for publishing static websites coded in GitHub and, now, dynamic PHP projects on IONOS infrastructure. With the new version, full LAMP stack applications (Linux, Apache, MySQL / MariaDB, PHP) with PHP 8.1 and MariaDB databases can be deployed and managed without leaving GitHub. IONOS infrastructure is geo-redundant and offers special safeguards against DDoS attacks.


Heiko Binder, Head of the Agency & Developer Program commented: “With Deploy Now, we have built a tool for developers that combines software development and hosting in the best possible way. Supporting PHP projects was the next logical step for us, because PHP is one of the most commonly used programming languages in web development. Staying true to our motto the latest update allows users to: Deploy smarter. Deploy faster. Deploy Now.”

Simple configuration of deployment workflows

The new Deploy Now for PHP projects automatically recognises frameworks used, such as Laravel and Symfony, as well as the necessary build steps in the user’s GitHub repository. The solution also supports the configuration of the workflow. All necessary build, deployment and runtime configurations can be carried out in a convenient setup wizard. This increases efficiency and reduces susceptibility to errors. Once the wizard has been completed, all the settings are saved in customisable configuration files directly in the repository and deployment is triggered.

Deploy Now relies on GitHub Actions

Deploy Now uses the feature GitHub Actions for deployment automation. For example, a new deployment can be triggered by a code update. The workflows created by Deploy Now can be adapted and extended as required. GitHub provides more than 13,000 actions for this on GitHub Marketplace. In addition, up to five further branches can be made available to the main branch in order to test changes in a live environment before they are available on the main domain.

Launch video

The video introduces the new Deploy Now for PHP projects, providing useful information on how to publish a PHP app via Deploy Now, as well as showcasing the team behind it. The dev team explains who Deploy Now was developed for, which challenges had to be solved and what IONOS has planned for the future.


Deploy Now pricing

The pricing depends on the project type chosen, which is ultimately decided by the the users needs. Please see below for a full table outlining each option.  Deploy Now’s PHP project package includes 10 GB of storage space per deployment. This includes five staging deployments with a preview URL, PHP 8.1 runtime and 2 GB MariaDB with phpMyAdmin access as well as log-based user statistics within each PHP project. In addition, auto-configuration for the PHP frameworks Symfony and Laravel is included. Packages can be cancelled monthly.


Starter Project Static Project PHP Project
Use Cases Statis site generators & single page apps Static site generators & single page apps PHP apps
Storage per deployment 50 MB 1GB 10GB
Staging Deployments 1 5 5
IONOS Infrastructure X X X
Georedundnacy & DdoS protection X X X
Log-based visitor stats X X X
PHP runtime environment PHP 8.1 or earlier
Database 2 GB MariaDB with phpMyAdmin access
Included in Deploy Now Membership X
Price 3 projects for £4/month excl. VAT 1 project for £2/month excl. VAT 1 project for £7/month excl. VAT


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