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This Global Enterprise Agility Month, Don’t Let Your Web Hosting Hold You Back

When SEACOM (the Study of Enterprise Agility Community) declared July to be Global Enterprise Agility Month, it had one core goal in mind: helping businesses thrive by improving their agility. 

Traditional operational models had left companies sluggish and trapped in self-defeating patterns. The more agile you are, the more opportunities you can seize.

Now that 2022’s Global Enterprise Agility Month is underway, the time is ripe to consider the topic of digital strategy. How can a modern business best endure the variability and volatility of market conditions? If you’re running a new or growing business, what can you do to improve?

Due to the nature of online business, there’s a strong case for contending that web hosting is the lynchpin. Companies aiming for the enterprise-level hope for rapid growth, but can struggle to support it when they succeed. Enterprise-level operations can see major fluctuations in their fortunes (be this traffic, clicks or revenue), leading them to waste prepaid bandwidth or run out of it at critical times.

High-quality scalable cloud hosting removes these roadblocks. Resource variables can be tweaked on the fly, making it trivial to handle sudden expansion or contraction of your business. Your site will be able to perform well during massive spikes in demand — and when you pay only for the resources you need, you minimise the threat posed by periods of relative inactivity.

Commenting on the need for hosting for enterprise growth, Cloudways CEO Aaqib Gadit:

“One of the chief advantages of a cloud hosting solution is its ability to adapt. Scalability is important for a growing enterprise, so it needs a web hosting solution that can scale at the same rate as its business. The traditional hosting model offers limited options, making scaling impractical and inelegant — but cloud hosting allows key resources including CPU memory and storage to be scaled up or down on the fly, making it easy to meet shifting demands.

“Most importantly, cloud hosting is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises because it can handle the type of rapid growth dedicated servers will struggle to accommodate. And while large organisations have the budgets to invest in custom solutions, they can far more easily benefit from the tremendous flexibility afforded by cloud-based systems.”

Key growth benefits of cloud hosting:

  • Optimised spending. Never again spend money on infrastructure or resources you don’t use. If you scale your hosting capabilities as you go, you’ll save capital and operations costs that you can put towards building and developing your brand.
  • Faster pivoting. If your industry niche experiences changes in market or buying behaviour, you can adapt the structure and scope of your website much more rapidly if you’re using cloud hosting. It frees you up to experiment more readily and make gains from the evolving market, making your business more scalable.  
  • Increased security. In addition to guarding against hacks, storing a website in the cloud makes it resistant to server failure. With multiple servers (and CDN nodes) available to pick up the slack, your website can be unaffected.

To speed things along, Cloudways offers a managed hosting platform that trivialises the process of deploying and customising high-quality cloud hosting. Users get these leading benefits without needing to acquire or use any technical skills, allowing them to focus their efforts on completing their core business tasks and following industry trends.

Managed cloud hosting also grants you much greater capacity to roll out new or revamped sites, using one-click setup processes or cloning functions as needed. If you want to experiment with a second website or A/B test some design changes, you can proceed with ease. And with CDNs in place and core files backed up across various servers, downtime poses little threat.

When it comes to business growth and agility, not settling with the status quo is key, and a flexible managed-hosting platform gives digital businesses this opportunity.