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The Cycle: Frontier – Tips and Tricks for Single Playing

If you think AI enemies are easy to handle, then you still have much to discover with The Cycle: Frontier’s crazy mix of PvE and PvP gameplay. It is a first-person shooter game with wild dynamics, where players must face harsh weather and hunt for resources while facing off against monsters and other players. The game drops you in the gorgeous world of Fortuna III, where you have to defend yourself against the unforgiving wildlife while completing the missions. All this might sound a bit overwhelming, especially if you plan to play single, but don’t panic. You might find it hard to survive in the world of Fortuna III, but with some tips and tricks, you can gain the upper hand as you venture through The Cycle: Frontier. So, let’s dive right into the journey of Fortuna III. And you can also look for some useful tips and tricks at


Be prepared

When you enter The Cycle: Frontier, the game will not immediately put you directly in between the lush jungles of the planet Fortuna III. Instead, you will be on the Prospector Station, a spaceship with other players. The spaceship is quite large and is a place where players get ready before dropping into Fortuna III. Make great use of this time to sort your inventory and backpack. Be prepared for the match with the best armor and weapons. Load yourself with enough ammo, so you do not run out of them in between a gunfight.

Making out of the match alive is no easy feat, and the abandoned planet’s aggressive wildlife makes survival even harder. So it is best to have healing items in your backpack before you drop into the Fortuna III. You never know what threat is waiting for you behind those bushes, so it is best to carry a weak Medkit and at least three weak Stims to survive any sudden attacks, especially when you have no teammate to heal you.


Try to avoid making any noise.

Have you ever ended up back in the Prospector Station and wondered how your enemy got your location right? It must be because you might be making a lot of noise in the game. If you want to survive during your solo run for as long as possible, staying silent is the best bet you can play. If you are in no rush or there is no monster running behind for your life, it is better to keep your movements low. Avoid sprinting, jumping, or meleeing as much as possible to avoid making loud noises. Try walking over sprinting to avoid catching the attention of AI enemies and other players in the game. Do not unnecessarily shoot striders; use a knife to kill smaller enemies like the Striders and Ticks.


Keep track of your health and stamina levels.

Have you ever noticed two bars on the bottom of your screen? Those bars tell you about your health and stamina levels. In a game like The Cycle: Frontier, where you are constantly moving, fighting, finding resources, and hunting, having low health and stamina levels can make you end up in a very tight spot. Try to keep an eye over your health and stamina bars and take the required steps whenever possible to keep them above a certain level. If you run low on health, find a cover and use healing items to increase the health levels, or stay still if you see your stamina levels dropping way down.


Pay attention

In a game where your enemies are waiting for you to make one wrong move to quickly take you down, you cannot afford to roam around mindlessly in the lush jungles of Fortuna III. Be vigilant and pay attention to every single detail around you. Listen for any gunfire cues or try to hear the sound of footsteps approaching you. Yes, The Cycle: Frontier’s wildlife is quite aggressive, but if you know how to use your surroundings to your advantage, you can easily make out alive in the match. Try to find covers or climb ledges during gunfights if a strider is chasing you.


Get insurance for gear.

Are you also afraid of losing your hard-earned gear once you die in the game? Why not get insurance for your gear? Yes, the insurance system in The Cycle: Frontier helps you earn certain K-Marks in case you die on Fortuna III. You have to pay an initial amount to earn good returns on gear every time you cannot make out of Fortuna III safely.


That’s all for the tips and tricks for now. Hopefully, this guide will help all the single players out there to make it through the brutal and unforgiving environment of The Cycle: Frontier.