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How Have Sports Been Influenced By Technology In The Last Few Years?

Sports have gone through several changes throughout the years and plenty have been for the better. Technologies have been improving sports in so many ways it’s surreal to think about them all. In today’s article we go over just a few ways technologies have shaped the sports industry.

Instant Replay

Do you remember the days of watching sports without having instant replay to view those crazy moments? It’s probably one of the greatest technologies to have entered sports history. Replays have become one of the most important features live games have available.

This is especially true with sports with super fast-paced action such as F1 and other motorsports with extreme speeds. Sometimes being able to catch exactly what happened is near impossible. In F1 cars can cover several kilometres of track in under 2 minutes meaning an accident is just a split second away, blink and you’ve missed it.

Betting Opportunities

Technologies have also helped betting companies improve the way punters place wagers. Just like the 32Red casino UK and other online casinos made casino gaming super accessible and easy, the online bookies of today revolutionised the way we are able to place bets.

Today one no longer needs to wait in long queues or travel to place a wager nor does one have to abide by bookies opening hours. Instead, punters now have the option to place wagers from anywhere at any given time with zero travelling costs or waiting times.

Online bookies have even incorporated live bets so you can even place a wager while the game is in full swing.

Safety For Athletes

Many sports have undergone new safety regulations and rules in order to further protect the athletes of the sport. Thanks to technological advancements many athletes in the NFL will soon benefit from improved helmets. Ninety-nine per cent of NFL players show hallmarks of neurodegenerative diseases, in fact, there have been many cases of renowned NFL players losing their minds.

Today the NFL can no longer deny the facts and has been pushed to improve the safety of its athletes.

The same goes for F1 and its constant improvement to helmets, barrier technologies and even the car with features such as the halo which has saved countless drivers from serious brain or head injuries since its implementation.

Ticket Sales

Yes, just like with sports betting, fans no longer need to go through unwanted hassles to purchase tickets for sporting events. Today one can purchase tickets well in advance which has even allowed sports to grow.

Since people can now purchase tickets online it has led to many tourists purchasing tickets and planning holidays around sporting events. It’s also made the whole event more eco-friendly with the use of digital tickets one no longer needs to print out his/her tickets.

Fair Game

Today many sports use technologies to help make the game fairer, whether through drug testing methods to better catch cheaters or technologies such as VAR which help football referees catch goals on the line where our human eye just can’t quite keep up.