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StorONE’s New Release Drives Down Storage Prices and Revolutionizes Storage Pricing

StorONE recently announced a significant update to the StorONE Storage Engine designed to enable companies to lower costs and improve performance.


Advanced Auto-Tiering

The latest update includes a revolutionary new auto-tiering algorithm that provides consistent performance in hybrid configurations. Organizations can meet their performance and capacity requirements with a single storage engine, eliminating the need for multiple storage systems and costly storage migrations. When combined with the company’s industry-leading RAID rebuild capabilities, the new auto-tiering algorithm enables organizations to safely use the highest density Flash and Hard Disk Drives without concern of inconsistent performance or prolonged drive-recovery efforts.


Greater Scalability

The update also further improves StorONE’s industry-best metadata management enabling customers to scale to 20 PBs without needing a TB+ of memory like competing solutions. This development effort is another example of StorONE’s ongoing quest to provide the most resource-efficient storage solution on the market.


Flexible Encryption

The latest release also includes the most flexible data encryption capabilities available today. Customers can choose to encrypt via software on a volume-by-volume basis. This option enables them to use application-level encryption when available while using StorONE’s volume-based encryption for other use cases that don’t provide it natively, like NAS or some hypervisors. Organizations that require complete encryption across all data can select self-encrypting drives, which the new release supports.


Ransomware Resiliency

Ransomware continues to be a daily threat to most organizations. StorONE has enhanced its 360° ransomware protection with new telemetry information. Customers can take snapshots every 30 seconds and retain up to 500K per volume without impacting performance. This snapshot granularity is sometimes necessary to fully recover from a ransomware attack.

Now, when an organization is under attack, StorONE alerts the customer and pinpoints the best immutable copy to use for recovery. Additional protection has been added with two-factor authentication to help prohibit unauthorized access.


Revolutionary Pricing

In addition to the new software update, StorONE also announced a revolutionary new pricing model based on the number of drives used, breaking free of expensive capacity-based license schemes that punish customers for using high-density drives. StorONE’s new pricing model encourages them to implement the highest density drives available and then, in a few years, seamlessly replace those drives with even higher density drives without paying additional software license fees.



StorONE’s Engine enables customers to do more with less; more performance from 1/3 the number of flash drives and more capacity from 1/3 the number of hard disk drives of competing solutions.  Their new drive-based pricing model rewards customers for adopting StorONE’s strategy of highly dense storage architectures, resulting in hardware, software, and data center operational savings.