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fu3e. Launches Phase Two of Product Development Following £3.5 million Investment

Phase Two provides enhanced customer-centric design to improve usability and functionality

fu3e., the pioneer of real-time adaptive management reporting and risk management software for real estate, today launches Phase Two of its revolutionary platform that will enhance business performance for users across the sector.

Phase Two follows a recent investment of £3.5 million from Gresham House Ventures, giving fu3e. the opportunity to consult with customers and stakeholders for extensive feedback on the existing platform. Utilising this, fu3e. has developed a customer-centric design refresh, to improve both usability and functionality with specific user needs in mind.

With a clearer and simplistic design, users are able to easily navigate the platform to complete tasks quicker and to a higher standard. By clearly understanding the customer, Phase Two allows for improvement in business efficiency, and a streamlined, easy-to-use interface establishes credibility between the product and the user.

Samantha Roberts, Product Manager at fu3e., comments, “Maximising the screen real estate means you can see more value-add content within that single view. We value consistency with the design of the product and usability for our clients.

“Ultimately, our product is aimed at business owners, executives, directors, consultants, management teams – those who want transparency to immediately report on impacts. It’s aimed at those who want a snapshot view of key activities and risks across their entire business. fu3e. brings together all of the information needed to make informed decisions that manage business impacts and risks.”

fu3e. is supported by Figma – a powerful, multipurpose design tool – for Phase Two of its product development, helping to manage and build new enhancements to iterate existing features. Ultimately enabling a better user experience, it enables greater informed decisions, keeping projects and activities on track.

Lewis Gleave, Head of UI/UX Design at fu3e., adds, ‘’The continual growth of a platform evolves around captivating interfaces and seamless experiences. At fu3e. we are continually looking to adapt to ever-changing technologies and parameters to improve user experience. With this design overhaul, we have cemented our feet at the forefront of current design trends. Our extensive backlog of features will now be formulated at the highest quality standard hereafter. With the right people and mindset, collaborative work like this design refresh can be undertaken and achieved.”

fu3e. CEO Gavin Gleave, identified that customers needed to be able to make snapshot decisions using real time data and the company quickly gained a reputation in this field.

He comments, “Following the £3.5million investment, we are delighted to see the impact this is already having. As the company moves into the next phase, we are looking forward to continue innovating as a trailblazer in the real-estate industry.”

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About fu3e. 

fu3e. is an adaptive management reporting software designed by real estate and property executives, fu3e. is the umbrella above existing management software, used by real estate funds, asset owners, developers and professional consultants.

fu3e. offers two products, Business Impacts – to manage development risks and Digital PMO – to digitise the management process; each one delivers real time management reporting and processing with incredible efficiency.