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Updates to Titaniam’s New Secure Analytic Vault Using Next Gen Tokenization Traditional Tokenization Tools Become Obsolete

Next-generation technology that goes beyond conventional tokenization and gives all the benefits of tokenization without compromising business functionality or performance is introduced by the most sophisticated data security and anti-ransomware platform currently available.

Titaniam, Inc., the industry’s most advanced data protection and ransomware immunity platform, announced updates to its Vault. While Titaniam’s overall platform supports a variety of data security architectures, the Vault, in particular, follows a tokenization approach but moves organizations far beyond the limits of traditional tokenization towards a new paradigm where valuable data can be tokenized and remain fully usable for both business and rich analytic applications. 


“With the Titaniam Vault and the new updates we are announcing, we can deliver all the benefits of traditional tokenization without the severe data usability and performance restrictions that organizations have had to live with in the past,” said Arti Raman, CEO and founder of Titaniam. “Titaniam’s Vault is built for high-performance, petabyte-scale, analytic use cases and enables full-featured search and analytics without any decryption or detokenization. This makes the Vault and all downstream systems utilizing vault data immune to insider threats and all data-related cyberattacks including double extortion ransomware.”


“The good news isn’t just limited to security teams,” added Raman. “Titaniam Vault is a game changer for privacy teams as well. With its ability to release data in all nine privacy preserving formats, including various forms of tokenization, whole or partial data masking, various forms of traditional and format-preserving encryption, as well as complete or partial redaction, Titaniam can send data to downstream applications according to the granular privacy policy and also support in-depth privacy audit and reporting as needed.”


While the original Titaniam Vault was already very powerful relative to traditional tokenization, the updated Vault can house both structured and unstructured data, including documents, images, voice, video, and other binaries. Secure structured data can support rich search and analytics with full data context. Enterprises can also build natively secure applications directly on top of the Vault. Unstructured files and content within them can be confidentially tagged and searched and can support a wide variety of secure data usage scenarios.  A single Vault can contain several logical vaults with distinct data owners who can own and control their data via separate, externally held keys. This capability, known as Hold Your Own Key (HYOK), is extremely valuable as enterprise data flows to partners and suppliers. 


In addition to supporting traditional tokenization features such as swapping sensitive data for tokens, and detokenizing or releasing clear text when asked; Titaniam Vault truly changes the tokenization paradigm by delivering the following additional capabilities:


  • Data Types & Context: In addition to tokenizing individual data items, Titaniam Vault supports full data context via documents and collections; structured and unstructured data; binaries and tags; and field, index, collections, file, and schema-level security. 
  • Search & Analytics: Supports full-featured search and analytics without detokenization; search through unstructured data; and fuzzy search such as Soundex. It includes full-text search, including prefix, suffix, wildcard, etc.
  • Data Privacy: Releases data in all nine privacy-preserving formats and enables secure data sharing with partners and suppliers. It supports granular field-level privacy policies and private data sharing across vaults or applications.
  • Encryption Keys / HYOK: Integrates with industry-leading key vaults for key materials and supports Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) and Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) at scale and zero downtime key rotation and re-keying. It is also resilient against compromised master keys and certified for NIST FIPS 140-2 Key Derivation protocols.
  • Integration & App Development: Integrates with existing application role-based access control (RBAC), seamlessly interoperates with other Titaniam models to expand coverage and supports developer-led security with the direct development of new applications on top of the vault. It can be deployed alongside any cloud or on-prem datastore and is supported on all major cloud platforms.
  • Certification, Compliance & Post-attack Support: Provides visibility into data observed, accessed, or exfiltrated in an attack and post-attack evidence of compliance and certification. NIST FIPS 140-2 validated with all individual algorithms NIST CAVP certified. 

Titaniam, which announced its vault and full product suite in March 2022, utilizes a continuous deployment model. In addition to cutting-edge encryption-in-use, Titaniam differentiates itself by providing functional capabilities equivalent to at least three other categories of data protection solutions. Titaniam is orders of magnitude faster than its closest competitors and provides unprecedented data security coverage at a fraction of the cost, making it one of the most sensible solutions in the CISOs toolbox today.