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Highlight adds insights from Cradlepoint and Peplink to Cellular Clarity

Highlight has expanded its Service Assurance Platform to deliver insights into the performance of the static cellular connections provided by Cradlepoint and Peplink. The Cellular Clarity service already collects data from Cisco’s cellular devices.

Cellular Clarity enables Service Providers to deliver a true managed service when cellular is used as a backup or alternative to fixed line and satellite networks. It is designed specifically for static locations and addresses the key problems associated with cellular which are service reliability and unexpected usage leading to bill shock.

Martin Saunders, Product Director at Highlight says, “We are continually widening the vendors we support in line with demand from our partners. Cradlepoint and Peplink were top of their lists in both the UK and Australia.  More will be added in the near future.

“Whilst fast and easy to install, providers with large cellular estates need to deliver a reliable cellular service, confident in the knowledge that the signal strength is adequate and assurance that any unexpected usage can be identified and managed effectively. Having full visibility of these connections and being able to mitigate against potential issues are critical to ensuring service assurance and business continuity.”

A unique feature of Cellular Clarity is a dormant interface that collects data on signal strength when the connection is not in use, showing providers and their customers that the connection is available if needed. In addition to capturing the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) values for the line over time, Cellular Clarity also shows changes in cell tower ID, network and radio technology.  Alerts are triggered if the signal strength fails to meet required levels or when the cellular connection suddenly begins to pass traffic. Users can hover on a chart to see the exact values for each signal strength data point, with the option to compare days, weeks, or months.

Martin adds, “Cellular is proving particularly useful for today’s changeable working patterns. The static cellular or mobile connections are becoming a viable compliment to a fixed line network or as a secondary connection if the primary fails. And with SD-WAN technology, you can use cellular as an active-active connection since it is fast enough to provide a genuine active alternative. The SD-WAN maximises the cellular connection to deliver more bandwidth into the location.”

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