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Workato Launches New Accelerator to Help Customers Improve Operational Efficiency by Managing Wasted IT Spend

  • With tech costs top of mind, on average 38% of all software license expenditure goes wasted on unused or underutilized application licenses
  • The Software License Optimization Accelerator provides a pre-packaged solution to eliminate wasted spend that organizations can customize and deploy at scale

Workato, the leading enterprise automation platform, today announced the launch of the Software License Optimization Accelerator, which provides a pre-packaged solution that allows organizations to analyze application usage, identify underutilized licenses, and initiate optimization processes. With a focus on software spend efficiencies, this accelerator analyzes usage based on custom criteria for each app to determine whether a license is unused or underutilized, which depending on the size of the company, can mean upwards of 1,000+ applications across an organization. Workato customers can quickly customize and deploy this accelerator at scale to more effectively manage application licenses across their organization.

With a challenging market top of mind for leaders across all industries, many are beginning to address areas where they can cut costs and improve operational efficiency. When it comes to organizations that utilize and invest in a number of applications, tech bloat can become an issue resulting in a tech stack that is too big and bulky for its own good. With Workato’s Software License Optimization Accelerator, organizations can quickly identify which applications have unused licenses that are no longer necessary.

“Increasing our utilization of automation is a key component of our company-wide strategy to improve operational efficiency and it has surfaced new opportunities that we never considered before,” said Chetna Mahajan, CIO at ZoomInfo. “We’ve always known that unused or underutilized software licenses are a significant source of wasted IT spend but the scale and changing nature of the problem caused us to view it as a challenge we would never be able to address effectively. I am excited about the potential of Workato’s Software License Optimization Accelerator to give companies an immediate, yet customizable solution we can deploy at scale to identify and take action on underutilized app licenses.”

The Software License Optimization Accelerator features include:

  • Discovery Engine: Collect data from any application via API or CSV exports, analyze the utilization of different applications with custom scoring criteria for specific applications, and generate recommendations for optimization.
  • Optimization Engine: Manage workflows to optimize application license utilization, customize processes to ensure approvals and actions align to your organization’s structure and automate communications via email and Slack.
  • Administration, Monitoring & Scheduling: Configure the accelerator to manage utilization on a customizable schedule per application, maintain a history of usage logs across the application ecosystem, and govern access control based on user roles.

“It’s reported that 38% of all software licenses are either unused or underutilized with approximately $34 billion in yearly licensing waste being generated in the US and UK alone. With the current economic climate, our team has focused on building solutions that can provide immediate savings by cutting costs or improving overall operational efficiency,” said Dan Kennedy, VP, Enterprise Architecture at Workato. “Our team is excited to introduce the Software License Optimization Accelerator to our customers who are continually looking for new ways to deliver more value out of their existing resources.”

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