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RingCentral Harnesses AI to Deliver New and Powerful Video Capabilities Now Widely Available

  • Rich video meeting capabilities and extended browser support  
  • enhances real-time collaboration for customers 
  • RingCentral Video Pro gives customers free meetings without 40 minute video time limits 


RingCentral, Inc. (NYSE: RNG), a leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications, video meetings, collaboration, and contact center solutions, today announced the availability of AI powered video capabilities, along with extended browser support for RingCentral MVP™ and RingCentral Video® customers. With today’s global workforce embracing hybrid work, the need for richer and more intelligent meetings experiences could not be greater. 

Since launching RingCentral Video, the company has rolled out hundreds of advanced video meeting features and expanded its video offering beyond the desktop and mobile devices to also include RingCentral Rooms™. To enhance the user experience of RingCentral, new browser support for Firefox on desktop and Chrome for Android devices is also now available. This extends the browser support already available in Chrome and Edge on desktop.

Additionally, today RingCentral is rolling out advanced and highly differentiated AI-driven video meeting capabilities that are now widely available. These advancements include the following: 


  • AI-based Advanced Meeting Insights and Summaries: This feature makes it faster and easier to catch up on missed meetings, by creating AI-based meetings summaries. This ground-breaking use of AI also captures a distillation of key moments within a meeting and creates a quick video highlights reel, so a user doesn’t have to replay an entire meeting. 
  • Whiteboard: With RingCentral Whiteboard, meeting participants have a digital canvas for visual collaboration. Its powerful whiteboard capability creates a mini-map to allow easy navigation along a broad whiteboard space. 
  • Live Transcription: Using AI, this feature automatically transcribes conversations in real-time. Ideal for late joiners who need to get caught up without disrupting the meeting, transcripts can be reviewed at any time during the meeting and also downloaded for future reference.  
  • AI-powered noise reduction: When additional noise reduction is enabled during a video meeting, the AI model will automatically filter out additional noises including keyboard typing, dogs barking, and other background noises, leading to fewer distractions and overall clearer audio quality for all participants. 
  • Participant Reactions: This feature allows users to use non-verbal cues in a meeting such as emojis “slow down” or “go faster” indicators and more to meeting participants. With these reactions, there’s no need to slow down the conversation and interrupt the speaker. 

Availability and Free Meetings through RingCentral Video Pro 

All newly announced features are now available for both RingCentral MVP and RingCentral Video Pro customers in both free and paid tiers. For more information, go here. 

Launch unlimited free meetings with RingCentral Video Pro, an easy-to-use meetings solution available to RingCentral customers, without 40 minute video time limits. Making video meetings free is a key value-add for customers, giving them powerful meetings capabilities with team messaging, file sharing, contacts, tasks, and calendar management.  Remote Desktop Control: Avoid having a presenter say ‘next slide.’ Now this individual can remotely control another participant’s desktop through the RingCentral app or a supported desktop browser. This makes presenting during a virtual meeting more effective and smooth.

“Video meetings shouldn’t be limited. RingCentral Video Pro is a free and full-featured solution that allows any customer to run HD video meetings without 40 minute time limits. There’s absolutely no catch and there’s no requirement to purchase a subscription. Furthermore, users can join video meetings directly through their browser without requiring any downloads and can also enjoy amazing new AI-enabled features.”  ~ Mo Kabiteh, President and COO of RingCentral.