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Extreme Networks partners with Minor League Baseball to introduce new in-stadium technology for enhanced connectivity

Extreme Networks has agreed a new partnership which will see it roll out new stadium and in-game technologies across Minor League Baseball (MiLB). Additionally, Extreme has been named the Official Wi-Fi Solution, Wi-Fi Analytics Solution and WAN Edge Solution provider of MiLB in a five-year partnership.

As part of the agreement, MiLB will leverage ExtremeCloud™ SD-WAN to power secure connectivity for important information sharing between teams and regional training facilities. MiLB will also offer ExtremeAnalytics™ to its Clubs and stadiums, which delivers insights into network performance, fan usage and stadium operations to improve experiences for fans and MiLB staff.

“Though our regional teams are tied together through our organisation, geographically, they are spread out across the US. Extreme’s SD-WAN solution will enable our regional teams to function as if they were all on the same campus, sharing information and knowledge that will help them play a better game. And in our stadiums, Extreme will provide the foundation for adopting more fan-facing and in-game technology through secure, fast and reliable connectivity, as well as analytics to help us better understand performance, adoption and impact. Extreme will make us smarter and faster when it comes to understanding how we improve our game as well as experiences on and off the field,” said Neil Boland, Chief Information Security Officer, Major League Baseball.


Secure SD-WAN for Inter-Team Connectivity

With ExtremeCloud SD-WAN, all of MiLB’s 120 teams will have access to a solution that will enable them to share data easily and securely, including player performance data, game review videos and other proprietary information. Extreme helps reduce operational complexity for network administrators by optimising thousands of applications and dynamically routing traffic to ensure quality experiences for critical applications like voice and video.

Increasing Technology-Driven Stadium Experiences and Gameplay

Extreme will offer high-performance Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity to MiLB stadiums that would  enable testing of new in-game technologies aimed at improving the fan experience and speeding game play.

High-Performance Wi-Fi and Granular Analytics

MiLB will also offer ExtremeAnalytics™ to its Clubs and stadiums, which delivers insights into network performance, fan usage and stadium operations to improve experiences for fans and MiLB staff. MiLB will lean into ExtremeAnalytics to better understand the performance and testing of new technologies, including monitoring the performance of new applications, demonstrating the popularity of new in-stadium technology based on fan consumption and tracking mobile data usage during games.

“We have an amazing opportunity as MiLB’s innovation partner to reshape the game through technology and ensure future generations of fans will be as captivated by the sport as they have been for over 150 years. SD-WAN and Wi-Fi analytics will provide the technological foundation necessary for MiLB to fearlessly adopt new technology and use data to demonstrate success. We are privileged to work with MiLB from their Wi-Fi networks to the edge, and our experience delivering solutions for venues of all sizes will enable MiLB to maximise the value of its stadium networks,” said Nabil Bukhari, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer, Extreme Networks.