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Next Gen Gaming on Mobile Predictions

Mobile gaming has come a long way and is starting to rival that of dedicated consoles and computer markets. No matter if you’re in a fantasy land, playing mobile roulette, or shooting enemies in battle royales, mobile gaming has something for everyone. With the rise of mobile gaming, we are seeing a development in technology with more to come later this year. Here are some of the predictions we have for mobile gaming in 2022.


Augmented Reality

In the future, we are going to see the use of AR (Augmented Reality) much more often with the games and technology we surround ourselves with. AR has been quietly simmering in the underbelly of technology over the last few years, and it seems that it is nearly ready to overflow into the mainstream of mobile gaming.

The Metaverse

The metaverse isn’t entirely a new idea, despite being the star of the show over the last few months. Although it may be the hot topic at the moment (mainly due to Facebook renaming their brand as Meta), it seems to be a long while yet off yet before we’re going to see a new world similar to Ready Player One. All this being said, it does not mean that the metaverse isn’t in development. All eyes are now focusing on this prospect bringing more attention to the possibilities that could occur.


Socialisation has become a major part of the gaming world, mainly due to the recent years when we have been stuck inside our homes. Gaming isn’t always a chance to pass a few hours, it is a way to communicate and connect with our close friends and family from anywhere across the globe. If you check out the top 50 mobile games over the last year, you will see a form of social interaction in some way. Multiplayer games such as Among Us, Fortnite, and COD mobile are becoming smash hits, and it is not down to gameplay alone.


Developers do not need to only focus on creating multiplayer games, although adding an extra social element to ensure that players can interact with one another is going to be one of the reasons they return and keep playing over and over again.


Despite the ups and downs that have surrounded the NFT market, they are going to become a big player in 2022. If done the right way, the concept of NFTs is going to appeal to gamers across the globe, so while the market is rocky at the moment, it will eventually change, and that is when we will see these tokens used in a big way.