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LumApps develops HR industry’s first employee ‘data layer’

LumApps, a leading employee experience platform, is introducing the industry’s first employee data layer, a dynamic digital data hub that organisations can tap into to drive hyper-personalisation in the digital workplace.

The employee data layer synchronises information from various channels, devices and applications across the entire business and translates it into a holistic view of each individual employee. This comprehensive employee profile gives organisations the power to execute hyper-personalisation at scale. Leveraging AI, the employee data layer provides the foundation to orchestrate and deliver contextual communications across touchpoints and create tailored experiences along every step of the employee journey.

Over time, the system aggregates each individual’s activities, interests, and preferences, including what they read, which content they liked, or who they interacted with. This allows for greater segmentation and analysis to support an even deeper understanding of employees and their behaviours. As more data is added, the system will be able to provide intelligent predictions about likely future actions and events.

“We’re taking the power of consumer personalisation, and applying it to the employee experience. Similar to how Netflix recommends movies, LumApps’ employee data layer will enable highly targeted and personalised employee interactions that ultimately help engage, enable and retain great talent,” said Idriss Bentoumi, Chief Product Officer at LumApps.

“We live in an era where people expect us to not only understand their wants and needs, but anticipate and exceed them. The digital workplace is no exception,” said Bentoumi. “LumApps’ employee data layer allows organisations to sift through vast amounts of information to make every employee interaction smarter and deliver a game-changing employee experience.”

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