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6 Essential Poker Software For Savvy Players

As a savvy player, you also need high-quality software for you to be very successful at poker. These essential poker tools are required if you want to study your hand ranges, fix your flaws, monitor your opponent’s game in real time, and ultimately improve your game and earn massively.

However, do not get it twisted. These software DO NOT play for you. The analyses, data, and reports given are just average. They also DO NOT provide completely accurate information. They cannot take you very far unless you are willing to up your game. These poker tools are intrinsically there to give you a smoother and more profitable playing experience.

And you’re lucky because these software are also supported on new poker sites for online play. So are you a novice? A casual player? A professional punter? Or just someone who wants to improve their playing techniques? Not to worry, this article has got you all covered with all the essential tools and software you need. Let’s get started!


  1. PokerTracker 4

Poker Tracker 4 is widely recognized as the Coke of poker software. Why? Well, let’s get into the lingo – basically, a poker tracking software processes and analyzes the hand history received from the poker game after every hand is played. A hand history comprises all that took place in a specific hand ranging from the player’s names, actions in hand, and dates to the time and stack sizes.

So what this program does is that it works out every hand history and produces results that you use to study the game. For instance, if you had 40 hand histories where you battled against Player X, Poker Tracker 4 processes those 40 hand histories and tells you that Player X played their hand on eight occasions, which means that they folded preflop 80% of the time. You can access your opponents’ information through the “Heads Up Display” (HUD) feature.


  1. Poker Timer

Do you intend to organize a live tournament with colleagues or friends? Well, there are several poker software for online games, but that exciting experience will not be seamless without a great poker clock. With a poker timer, of course, you get to manage the time effectively, increase the blind levels, and also keep track of blind levels, amongst other unique features.

What’s more? The app is compatible with Android and iOS, so you can operate it on your preferred devices while playing the game of luck. With this timer, you can manage every possible scenario without any hiccups.

This tool has a tournament host that guides you through the levels. You can also create and save your tournaments and calculate payouts, and even if you happen to lay your hands on the premium, you’ll enjoy the fantastic feature of recording your games.


  1. PIO Solver

This poker tool is one of the most advanced software used to break down Game Theory Optimal (GTO) in heads-up play. The features let you view the hands to wager or check any situation. You also know how often you should do so. You can also access realistic approaches to your possible situations. Based on your game set-up, the PIO Solver proposes sizing for you.

As great as it is, it also has some downsides. You might have to get a different server because the tool runs on vast computing power, which is an additional cost. Moreover, your choices might be limited if you game lower stakes because the complete version is a bit expensive. You also have to take your time to study it well, as it’s not very user-centric.


  1. Vision GTO Trainer

This tool comprises an intensive efficacious engine built to pre-calculate solutions for many possible instances. You don’t even have to wait for hours because it gives immediate answers to even complex situations.

Pot Limit Omaha, Texas players should get their hands on this excellent poker software as Vision GTO Trainer features a self-generated interface and several options of stack depths. What is more? This asset consists of very user-friendly training modules that are also customizable.

This simulation helps you practice and prepare for any situation, even the most authentic poker battles. The tool also helps you break down board textures and get the hang of hand ranges, so you know where you stand no matter the hand you play.


  1. Poker Income Bankroll Tracker

Drop that pen and paper because this poker software is the best for tracking your winnings. You can track your daily, monthly, or yearly earnings, your tippings, and tournaments like Texas hold ’em, and you can also calculate how long your average poker session holds. You also get to monitor your cash games. The tool also functions well on Android and iOS.

This highly-rated poker tracking app has a user-centric interface that features all of the analyses, graphs, and stats required to monitor the flow of your poker dollars. It also features filters that can be used to calculate the breakdowns of poker events across many variables. Any serious savvy player should download this poker software and consistently operate it.


  1. PokerSnowie

This app helps you master how to be unexploitable and stay that way, be it in tournaments or cash games. It also improves your poker game and equips you with the skill set to boost your winnings. You are equipped with every critical information you need to make calculations and analytical decisions. Your hand ranges are leveled in all situations, so it’s challenging to read players.

What’s more? PokerSnowie is artificial intelligence (AI) based. So the fundamental decisions and analyses made are rooted in GTO poker theory. However, you do not get to see how inexperienced players can be manipulated, nor will you be shown the population tendencies.

The software has a preconceived notion that gamers play perfectly; however, it is not the case. Hands ranges can be imported, and this poker tool will show you the practical strategies you need to implement to up your game and, more importantly, make more money.



Furnishing your arsenal with these poker tools and software triggers an upgrade in your skill sets and winning strategies, which refines your gaming techniques and increases your winnings.

They also help speed up a lot of fundamentals and make your gaming experience seamless. Take your time to review all of the poker tools listed. Whether it’s a regular poker game or a tournament, these software will be your best ally. Try them out today!