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The Most Popular Travel Video Games

The abundance of video games in the virtual entertainment market strikes the imagination of the pickiest audience. Software developers create game content with a variety of storylines, but video games about traveling are especially popular. There are many favourites in this segment, so it is easy to choose entertainment with a fascinating storyline and colorful characters.

The player’s choice depends on his preferences since video games are not only offered by different manufacturers but also with individual characteristics. Similar features are characteristic of the best free slots that are designed to bring the player pleasure but not real winnings.

The Best Travel Video Games

Here is a selection of the best games about travel consisting of entertainment, where the user is invited to overcome great distances, travel thousands of miles away from home to admire exotic nature, and learn a lot of new and interesting things. The table shows the best video games for travelers. The information can be found at


Title Year of release Developer


Firewatch 2016 Campo Santo
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine 2018 Dim Bulb Games and Serenity Forge
Pilgrims 2019 Amanita Design
Abzu 2016 Giant Squid Studios
Far: Lone Sails 2018 Okomotive
Old Man’s Journey 2017 Broken Rules
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 2020 Ubisoft Montreal
Call of the Sea 2020 Out of the Blue
Hollow Knight 2017 Team Cherry
Kentucky Route Zero 2020 Cardboard Computer


Fans of travel together with the main characters will experience incredible emotions, make new friends and visit places where the real world confronts magic and charm.


The events unfold in Wyoming National Park where Henry works as a fire tower caretaker. His wife has been hospitalized with Alzheimer’s disease and he is left alone. So he decides to go to the national park. His colleague, Delilah, the caretaker of the nearby tower, is actively communicating with Henry via radio. There is very beautiful nature in the park, here you have to perform tasks, explore the area with a compass and a map, you can take pictures with an old camera.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

The players focus on a map of the United States but it is not a regular geographical map. It is one that shows the locations where interesting stories are found. The player is invited to perfect the art of storytelling while wandering through U.S. cities and collecting stories. And all because the hero has lost a card game to the Devil himself. Ordinary stories gradually become more fascinating with vivid details, just like the characters – the girl with the cute kitty will become a witch, and the thunderstorm will become Satan.


The authors created a video game inspired by card games. The main character goes on a boat trip but the old woman won’t give him transportation except in exchange for a gift. To get the gift for the old woman, you have to go through several intermediate stages. Gradually, a robber, a priest, and the devil appear in the gameplay. The bag of the hero gets filled with useful little things – coins and more.


The main character is a diver. She explores the ocean depths, destroys obstacles in the passages, and finds out what is damaging the environment. In the game, users need to restore their vitality. Overall, the video game is perfect for relaxation – there are stunning underwater landscapes with

  • fish;
  • algae;
  • caves;
  • ancient ruins.

Abzu is a great choice for diving enthusiasts.

Far: Lone Sails

Lone embarks on a journey of exploration after the death of her father. She travels in a special steampunk machine through a post-apocalyptic world that has failed to cope with climate change. The girl recalls how she used to live by the sea in a lovely cottage but excessive human economic activities led to disaster – the sea gradually receded from the shore and eventually, the inhabitants of her village left to follow the sea. The girl wants to find someone left alive. From time to time, the player has to solve puzzles. And if a video game does not seem as bright as he imagined, Red Dog casino slots will brighten up a boring evening and help organize fun activities at home.

Old Man’s Journey

After receiving the letter, the old man sets off on his journey. Players are encouraged to arrange a path for the character by controlling the landscape. More difficult obstacles for the traveler include waterfalls and sheep herds. The old man overcomes part of the way on the train and sails on a boat. The game design is made in cartoon format, the user will be interested to see the landscapes surrounding the traveler.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The player will play as Eivor of the Raven clan who was planning to avenge her father’s death in Norway. Suddenly her brother’s drakkar appeared near the coast with two assassins from the Abbasid Khalifate on board. They propose to declare war on England. The location of the main plot is the East of medieval England. The game features many quests, the expansive geography adds an identity to the gameplay.

Call of the Sea

The events take place on the islands of Polynesia where the main character, Nora, has arrived. She dreams of finding the anthropologist Harry, her husband. He was engaged in the study of local scripts and suddenly disappeared.

Hollow Knight

The white bug is the protagonist who descends into the insect kingdom of Hallownest. The deeper he plunges, the more the kingdom resembles hell, though it used to be a prosperous kingdom. Suddenly the ruler of the Pale King disappeared, and the minds of the inhabitants were enslaved by a mysterious collective mind.

Kentucky Route Zero

The protagonist will find himself in the woods of otherworldly Kentucky, delivering a package to a house on Dogwood Drive. It turns out there is no such address, and the locals direct Conway to Route Zero. The hero travels the roads a lot, and interacts with the locals, sometimes his path goes underground, sometimes through the sky, and sometimes across the sea.