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How to Find Drafts on Instagram

Thoughts that come out as spur of the moment, unfinished thoughts, or mental shout out that you are trying to contemplate whether to post or not – these things normally trigger your attempts to post but end up not posting them anyway.

Sometimes, if it looks like you have been away for quite some time, Instagram assumes you will be back later, something just took you off away from your screen, and you will likely complete them after a while.

This unfinished Instagram business stays in your drafts. This is the part where you can return to later, wrap up, and say to the social media what you wanted to stay when you wrote that draft.

It sounds easy and promising until you grope trying to toggle around, finding that draft that you have started. It sometimes is difficult to locate, especially if you have never saved a draft, at all, in your lifetime.

There would just come a time when you feel like you have said it all together, you forgot, and now you no longer want to retype and you just look for it somewhere. You know where to find it? It’s in your drafts.

And how do you find your drafts? That depends on the device you are using. This guide can help.


Where Can You Find Drafts on Instagram?

You have it saved somewhere. You know you have typed in a lot and all you ever need to do is wrap up and post it.

You might want to review it so it’s polished before it goes out to your News Feed for all your followers on Instagram to see. Go through the following steps to recover what you initiated so you can finally take it off your draft for final posting.


  1. To start off, tap on your Instagram app from where you normally see it on your device screen. This is considering you already have the app installed. When you don’t, visit and login using your username and password.


  1. Now showing your Profile Page, look down at the bottom of the screen and click on the Upload icon represented by a + sign which you can normally see in the middle of 4 all other icons.


  1. This will redirect the page to your gallery, with all the draft posts you have done previously. Now, you have the option to pick which among those you have saved you will post now. If you only have one, tap on it as a New Post then click Next.


If you want to edit it first do so. Another option is for you to discard them. Just tap on the content. You know you have selected them if it shows a button highlighted in blue with a check mark. Click Discard and Done. This time you have cleared your Drafts or your Clipboard.

That’s basically just it. You should know by now that the platform actually holds something like a board to keep some of your unfinished content.

It can hold up to 10 drafts. The first draft automatically deletes itself when the 11th draft is added. And the second gets deleted once the 12th draft is on, and so on. This feature allows the user to at least have a notepad to save initial thoughts and you can get back to it whenever you want or need to.


Why Save Drafts on Instagram?

Social media is not for the jobless people alone. Instagram, especially, is mostly used by busy entrepreneurs. The same people who are conducting business online and offline. Most of the time, they are left with too many tasks.

They have the tendency to forget things they’re doing the moment a new one needs finishing ahead of time. When a new priority for the day arrives, they might have started creating a content to post, but they will eventually leave it temporarily.

With this in mind, there are benefits drafts on Instagram can work to the advantage of the user. Here are some of them.



Imagine how convenient a tool which allows a user to create a post, leave, and return after some time to how it was left off, continue, leave again, return after some time, and finally post a photo or reel?

This feature is sensitive enough to understand a person who can be very busy dealing with several things at one time, and being able to return to a social media that is flexible enough to keep what was started for later.

This is something anyone would love, considering the busy nature of today’s Instagram users.


Saves Time

How about the stress one experiences when after creating a reel or a new post, the phone turns off due to an empty battery, and what has been done gets lost?

Time spent editing and beautifying the image or the video gets lost. It would be ultimately annoying. It’s not valuing your precious time.

Good thing Instagram has the capability to save time and keep what has been drafted, all edits and filters altogether in one place. This is something most users appreciate about the platform.


Ready Clipboard

Tired of switching from Instagram to another Tool or App on your phone when you want to save a content that you wish to post later?

Then you must have not known about Instagram drafts yet. Newbies are not aware yet that there is actually a ready clipboard for saved posts to keep while on the app.

This tool is not easily visible when viewing the Profile Page or the News Feed, yet it is present in the app. Get back to the steps mentioned above in case you are faced with the dilemma of how you can locate your drafts to finally tweak and post it.


Content Storage

Although only a limited number of drafts is allowed to be stored in this Instagram feature, it is still a relief knowing you don’t need to tap elsewhere to look for what you have started creating for a day’s Instagram post.

Your content is kept in a small storage, ready and waiting for you to post.