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The Tech behind Randomly Winning on the Slots

Ever thought about how random number generators are? Or have you ever thought about the probability of you winning? What if we told you that the probability of you winning an online game is totally random, but has been established at the time when the game was developed? Intrigued? Read on to find out more.

Symbol Combos

Casinos, both land-based and online have always had maths at their core. This includes the balance of probabilities when it comes to slot machines. Granted, slot machines are basically computers that are programmed to play slots, with a set amount of ways a player can win.

Traditional slots have a fixed amount of ways to win, for example, a typical 5×3 reel will have around 243 ways by a combination of symbols. But Megaways slots have up to 117,649 ways, meaning there are more ways for a player to win. However, with both types of slots, players won’t know when, or if, they’ll win, and this is due to how the slots have been programmed.

Random Randomness

Random Number Generators (RNG) are highly featured and highly regulated in games they’re in because they’re relied on to produce a continuous flow of numbers via a mathematical formula to produce the mix of symbols players see on reels. It’s done in such a way that it’s difficult to predict, nor possible to know the sequence it’s using.

Why is it not possible? Well, that’s due to the processing speed of RNGs. They tend to generate numbers every 50 milliseconds, regardless of whether a game is being played, making it virtually impossible to track sequences.

Is the Future Predictable?

Yes and no.

Yes, because there are exciting advances when it comes to RNG security. The University of York and its partners secured £2.8 to improve the security of systems used to generate random numbers by use of quantum physics. This means some RNGs may end up being known as Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs).

No, because we don’t quite know, as yet, how this will impact the online casino and gaming industry. Although we reckon, in the balance of probability of things, the way this industry is so innovative and streets ahead when it comes to their technology, it’s only a matter of time before they express an interest in QRNGs.

At the end of the day, it’s safe to say that slots are totally random, thanks to RNGs. Casino and Gaming operators, along with their customers, have no clue who will win, when or by how much. This means all players have a level playing field, which makes everything fair because they all have an equal chance of winning. It’s this unpredictability that adds to the excitement of playing online games.

But it doesn’t stop there, as there are technological advancements when it comes to RNGs, which means tighter security in an industry that’s already heavily regulated. This can only be good news for all concerned, whether players or companies connected to the online casino or gaming industries.