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LumApps campaigns enables organisations to engage employees with personalised multi-channel communications

LumApps, a leading Employee Experience Platform, today unveiled LumApps Campaigns. The new product helps organisations personalise employee interactions by orchestrating communications so that relevant information is delivered to the right people at the right time and place.

Leveraging LumApps’ industry-first employee data layer, LumApps Campaigns enables organisations to create highly segmented groups based on various factors (e.g., employee roles, interests, behaviours, etc.) and orchestrate targeted campaigns based on the unique needs and preferences of each individual.

“In today’s digital workplace, the employee experience is as critical as customer experience. With LumApps Campaigns, companies can easily build, measure, and automate hyper-personalised campaigns across multiple channels to make meaningful connections that empower productivity and support engagement and retention efforts,” said Idriss Bentoumi, Chief Product Officer at LumApps.

Campaigns are coordinated communications revolving around a goal, idea, event, or concept. They play an important role in every employee journey, including onboarding and culture initiatives, and can significantly enhance the overall employee experience. To date, most organisations have been forced to execute campaigns using one-off, non-targeted, top-down communications, which aren’t as effective. LumApps Campaigns transforms this process by allowing organisations to schedule multiple communications tailored to each employee and deliver multi-step campaigns across channels.

“Today’s employees have a heightened desire for personalisation and authenticity. A one-size-fits-all approach to communication and campaigns is not enough to engage employees and foster communication and collaboration,” said Bentoumi. “With LumApps Campaigns, organisations can deliver precise messaging to a precise audience at the right place and time, fortifying each employee’s journey across critical key moments.”