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fruitlab launches community-first Web 3.0 gaming platform to fairly reward gamers and creators

fruitlab, the London based Web 3.0 gaming community platform that provides content creators, gamers and developers a fairer way to earn and monetise content, today announces the launch of its new revolutionary blockchain-based community gaming platform, that truly empowers the player.


The unique platform is underpinned by fruitlab’s own crypto token, the PIP, building on its existing community to now enable gamers to earn by playing AAA games in addition to viewing content. Content creators will be able to earn by sharing content, hosting head-to-head challenges and connecting with their audience.

The new platform is a complete ecosystem that provides content, universal play-to-earn for AAA games, community engagement and the ability to compete and play with your audience – such as player-to-player e-sports challenges and premium events. It brings fun and empowerment to the online gaming community, alongside earning potential, so that content creators and gamers are rewarded. By combining social, content and e-sports features, game developers can build complete communities around their titles engaging players with video content, chat and competitions.


The full ecosystem and community means that players can record themselves playing in the fruitlab tournaments, upload the content, earn PIPs and spend them by challenging other players. The off-ramp for the tokens is in the fruitlab shop where users can spend PIPs on games, upgrades and digital gifts and will soon enable trading of PIPs for other crypto assets and Fiat.

fruitlab started with its content and social media platform in 2018 and has grown exponentially since. Fortnite Apex Legends and PUBG are connected with the platform and can be played whilst earning. More games will be added shortly including mobile games. Already, fruitlab has:

  • 2 million video uploads
  • 1.5 billion views
  • 100,000 monthly active users
  • Over 5 billion PIP transactions to date

With the gaming industry set to be worth $321 billion by 2026, fruitlab is building a community to create a place where gamers can go to play games, watch content, connect with friends, have fun and as an added bonus: earn.


Cameron Leslie, CEO at fruitlab, said:


“We’re here to disrupt the gaming normsFor too long, content creators, gamers and game developers haven’t been able to fairly monetise their content or earn in a fun and fulfilling wayOur new platform changes thatWith fruitlab, you can play and earn – in an entertaining environment and, most importantly, community of likeminded gamers.


“The rise of social media platforms has led to disillusions of fair monetisation, as most platforms hoover up 95%+ of the economic value created. The lack of community-focused platforms for gamers currently requires multiple services, which is why we have created fruitlab to weave together all elements of social media into one place and to democratise.

We’ve seen the rampant demand for a network that is owned by its members, today the launch of fruitlab answers that demand. We’re excited to grow our community and lead the way of Web 3.0 gaming.”

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