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Agile Content consolidates its competitive position and reaches 41% of organic growth up to June 2022

Agile Content, a public company and provider of internet-based TV and streaming solutions, announces successful results for the first half of 2022 – keeping its position as a leading provider of neutral video infrastructure in Europe as it executes its mission to consolidate the pay TV and OTT market. Agile Content’s combined B2B2C and B2B strategy is proven effective by its organic and inorganic growth in 2022, driving a revenue increase of 169% YoY, from more than €55 million in the entire 2021 to more than €46 million in the second quarter of 2022 and with a backlog of more than €280 million for the following 7 years.

The results of Agile Content corresponding to the first semester of 2022 show an upward trend, both in operational terms, such as economic and financial results, evolution of indebtedness and cash flow generation.

“As a result and reaping the fruits of the integrations of the companies acquired in 2021, Agile Content experiences a positive evolution towards recurring revenue, which exceeds 75%, reaching more than €60M of ARR (Annualized Recurring Revenue), improving efficiency and cash flows, “declared Alfredo Redondo, CEO of Agile Content. “During the first semester of the year we verify an operating efficiency that reflects an increase in EBITDA up to €4.8M and a generation of €5.3M in cash flow operations box, which compares with an EBITDA of €2M and an operating cash flow negative of €1.7M in the same period of the last year.”

Agile Content’s organic growth of 41% this semester, in combination with its significantly improved EBITDA, reinforces and demonstrates the potential of its strategy to consolidate operations and technology in a fragmented European market. The strategy combines the development and operations of a common shared infrastructure that provides scalability benefits to telcos and video provider partners, while investments in its own technology ensures a competitive TV experience, speed, and flexibility to adapt to a fast-moving market.

From his side, Hernán Scapusio, President of Agile Content said, “I am delighted to see the great achievement of the company during this first semester of 2022. The results confirm Agile Content is moving in the right direction to meet the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan to boost our innovation capability within a flawless and efficient operation, and to continue to play an outstanding role in the consolidation of the TV market”.

The model of owning and investing in technology and award-winning innovations provide a beneficial cost structure and operational advantage. The mergers into a larger company have made it possible to increase R&D investments, improving the competitiveness of the portfolio, while at the same time improving the scale benefits of R&D investments over sales by 30%.

It is important to note that certain facts happened after closing the second quarter of 2022, such as liquidation of the pending payment due to the acquisition of the pay TV business of Euskaltel carried out in August 2021 and the closure of two new lines of financing amounting to €9M, allow an estimate drop in debt of approximately 10% by 30 September 2022.From its B2B2C activities, Agile TV Platform has reached 780,000 subscribers in the first half of 2022 and keeps it position within the top 5 fastest growing pay TV groups in Europe and among the top 30 pay TV groups in Europe for subscriber figures. From Agile TV Technologies, its B2B activities, Agile Content now works with 17 of the top 50 telcos worldwide with more than 50 million households now benefitting from its services.