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Swedish-based SaaS platform partners with travel risk intelligence company 

Travel risk intelligence company Riskline has announced a partnership with Safeture, the Swedish-based SaaS company that offers travellers insights and guidance to influence and protect their behaviour. The new partnership means an expansion for Riskline, allowing them to expand to Safeture’s client base of over 4,000 companies worldwide. Riskline is one of the world’s leading travel risk insights companies leveraging AI and professional analysts to process more than 100,000 data sources providing accurate and timely travel risk assessments.

This new partnership will allow Safeture to utilize Riskline’s data, ensuring the intelligence will reach users in new ways that may directly impact their travel decisions. The integration with Riskline further strengthens the functionality and dynamic of Safeture’s platform as it adds risk intelligence sources, allowing customers to choose or add different risk intelligence sets to the platform and thereby have a unified view that will benefit their overall risk management. In addition to this, companies will be able to access city safety and live territory risk reports to ensure the destinations are as safe as possible. Riskline’s live up-to-date information enables employers and employees to safely and rapidly respond to incidents and proactively prepare for upcoming trips. 

Now, more than ever, employers need to protect their employees when travelling for work. According to Deloitte, in June 2021, corporate travel spending sat around 10 percent of pre-pandemic levels. However, a rebound appeared to be just around the corner. The global business travel market size was valued at £643.51 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach £1,850.46 billion by 2028 according to the Business Travel Market Report. Corporate travel remained below 50 percent by the end of last year but 2022 brought a significant shift.

Through this new collaboration, more organizations and businesses will be better equipped to provide support to their employees who are travelling in an area of uncertainty or turmoil. It will ensure that more employers are equipped to manage potential risks involved with sending employees overseas and proactively prepare based on live up-to-date information.

Commenting on the partnership announcement, Founder and CEO of Riskline, Kennet Nordlien said: 

“It is great to enter into a partnership with another Nordic company that helps keep people safe and informed around the world through its emphasis on providing high-quality duty of care solutions. Our information will allow Safeture users to make smarter decisions in an increasingly volatile risk environment”

CEO of Safeture, Magnus Hultman, added: 

“Riskline has been on our radar for a long time. As we have moved forward with our open tech solution and to become “risk intelligence agnostic”, a collaboration was made possible. By offering Riskline’s world-class intelligence to our tech platform for mass communication and positioning, the agreement will open for business opportunities globally”