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iKVA presents innovative platform to discover previously undiscoverable data

Professor Richard Mortier, Professor in Computing and Human-Data Interaction at the University of Cambridge, explained how multi-dimensional vector search technology can provide a faster and more efficient method of data discovery at a webinar hosted by the award winning, Cambridge-based AI-enabled knowledge management software solutions company iKVA.

During the webinar ‘A Voyage into Discovery: Using vector search for data discovery’, Professor Mortier presented the exciting ways in which vector search is now being deployed to enable organisations to find the most relevant information from their data based on context, as opposed to traditional keyword search, which usually relies on prior knowledge and is, therefore, inherently biased.

Professor Mortier explained that there are various benefits to adopting vector search. Not only can this type of data discovery find relevant information from even the shortest pieces of text, such as Slack messages, but it can also serve up select paragraphs from longer documents, making the search results even more relevant. Vectorisation, where high dimensional vectors are stored and indexed as knowledge packs, can also index documents that have been created in any language, even those with a large vocabulary containing many rare words.

Professor Mortier said: “We typically don’t look for data or information that we don’t know exists, but vectorisation has revolutionised this process, allowing us access to information that we didn’t know existed. With the help of AI, this type of data discovery can embed, index and serve up data from many different documents and siloes within an organisation, including speech utterances, video, podcasts, messenger chats and library databases.”

Born out of research from University of Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory and The Alan Turing Institute, iKVA’s solutions are focussed on AI knowledge management using multi-dimensional vector mapping techniques, enabling organisations to access and utilise data that traditional enterprise search techniques cannot support. The early stage company has already been widely recognised for its work, being named winners or finalists at this year’s Cambridge Science and Technology Awards, Business Weekly Awards and National Start Up of the Year Awards.

For more information about iKVA, and its knowledge management software solutions, visit The second webinar in the series will take place on Thursday 6 October and will present examples of how vector search technology is enabling organisations to make dramatic improvements in the way they discover and consume knowledge.

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