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GiGL hires new Chief Biscuit Officer

On Thursday 29th September London based tech startup GiGL welcomed Jodie, who will take the newly created position of Chief Biscuit Officer.

Jodie is extremely passionate about biscuits, of all different shapes and sizes, not only will she bring her expert opinion on the best biscuits for dunking, she will be sharing her views on the best dunking technique.

“This was really needed for the wellbeing of the team and the development of the company” said Rebecca, GiGL’s community manager.  The role is more of a morale booster, so Jodie will be responsible for maintaining the team spirit. It’s an extremely valuable position because our happiness directly impacts our ability to deliver on company targets. Everything rests in Jodie’s  hands really.”

GiGL began their search for a Chief Biscuit Officer at the start of September, and it proved to be a particularly easy spot to fill. 

“I came across the job post immediately after downloading GiGL, and I actually wasn’t sure if it was real,” said Jodie. “But it sounded fun and the application process was really smooth.”

The role will only last a day, but is set to make a return whenever the team requires another pick-me-up.


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