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Sagacity Solutions Ltd. acquires REaD Group Ltd.

Data solutions expert, Sagacity Solutions Ltd., today announced its acquisition of award-winning data marketing and insight agency, REaD Group Ltd. The acquisition will give clients a one-stop-shop for clean, accurate and compliant data with market leading comprehensive insights. Sagacity will provide an intelligently informed customer lifecycle proposition which starts from customer prospecting and marketing to customer management, billing, collections and retention over the lifetime of the customer and beyond.


Sagacity is a technology-enabled data-led company that helps clients to solve complex business challenges, reduce bad debt, increase margins, and optimise value. Sagacity’s proprietary software platforms and bespoke services help clients to operationalise data from the moment a customer has been onboarded – applying advanced analytics and machine learning to break down the organisational siloes that act as barriers to insights.


“This is a strategic investment that will shape Sagacity’s  future direction and growth,” comments Anita Dougall, Co-Founder and CEO of Sagacity. “REaD Group has delivered impressive growth and we can see that’s down to the quality of the data insights the team uncover. By combining the strengths of both companies we can unlock the power of data and deliver something really special.”


Fusing Sagacity and REaD’s data solutions into one integrated service will facilitate increased Return on Investment amplifying the value that Sagacity delivers. Clients will unlock new levels of profitability, identify and plug revenue leaks, acquire the right types of customers, and strengthen customer bonds and brand reputation. Supporting a large blue-chip and enterprise client base – principally across the Financial Services, Retail and Charity sectors – REaD, a specialist customer data agency, focused on highly ethical practices and GDPR compliance in real time, also opens the door to new markets for Sagacity. Similarly, Sagacity’s heritage in delivering billing grade data to the telecoms, energy and water sectors does the same for those coming from REaD.


Jon Cano-Lopez, CEO of REaD Group, who has been appointed to the board of Sagacity Solutions Ltd, says “I’m incredibly proud of the growth REaD Group has had over the years, helping many of the UK’s most recognisable brands create and implement roadmaps for better outcomes as well as helping to acquire and retain the best customers with quality data solutions. Our ability to harness extra-ordinary data insight and our unparalleled levels of data accuracy allows us to work with some fantastic clients and solve complex issues with unbeatable solutions.


Today marks another period of growth as REaD Group joins Sagacity creating one single unique data business, offering first-class business platforms, unparalleled data, artificial intelligence, proprietary software and seamless API connectivity for the best solutions and services for business data needs.”


Founder of REaD Group, Mark Roy, comments, ‘We’ve met a number of interested parties however Sagacity stood out and showed that they share our unerring commitment to providing client service and value like no other. The time is right for REaD Group and our team to turn the page and accelerate onto the next chapter. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved.”


Dougall adds, “At Sagacity, we are driven by using data to gain business insight and value. This journey has previously started after a customer has been onboarded by our clients… and that is where REaD comes in – to capture the whole customer lifecycle from prospecting. The complementary nature of our businesses and culture will open limitless opportunities for our clients and our employees.”