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CybeReady Unveils Manager’s Program to Enhance Cybersecurity Culture Across All Organizational Levels

CybeReady, provider of the world’s fastest security training platform, today announced the release of its new Manager’s Program Tool. The new tool is another major step in offering enterprises a fully-automated solution for enhancing employee behavior and building a strong cybersecurity culture. The new offering is introduced as Cybersecurity Awareness Month puts security concerns front and center in October.


With the Manager’s Program Tool, security officers can easily provide managers and executives visibility into departmental security training performance so they can get involved in the cybersecurity effort. The program gives department leaders insights into how their employees are progressing through training benchmarks. This is accomplished with detailed metrics that measure departments on their own merit, and in comparison, to others to create healthy competition and motivation for improvements.


The new Manager’s Program Tool is part of CybeReady’s platform expansion, with the goal to offer medium and large enterprises the fastest, fully-automated, risk mitigation solution for accelerating employee behavioral change. Other programs launched earlier this year include risk-based training programs – designed to automatically customize training levels based on employee performance, and the Elastic Security Program (ESP), which grants business units varying levels of autonomy according to their unique needs, while keeping the CISO in control.


With The Manager’s Program Tool, security leaders typically burdened by manual approaches, can generate cross-departmental security communication – easily. The CybeReady Manager’s Program now automates these processes with the following:


  • Customizable Report Templates – Managers have access to detailed reporting in their preferred language (Available in 40 languages).
  • Department Data Extraction – Each department report is automatically populated with all critical performance data. This data includes metrics such as click rates, engagement metrics and high-risk group numbers. It also includes comparative data to encourage positive competition between departments.
  • Monthly Automatic Report Delivery – Security professionals simply click to activate and launch the report — keeping managers updated, every month.



“We believe security culture should become a priority throughout the year and across all organizational levels,” said Eitan Fogel, CybeReady Co-Founder and CTO. “No one can influence and motivate their teams like the department heads themselves, and we have removed the operational challenges to streamlining that communication. As a result, it is now fast and easy for security officers to optimize awareness and make a strong organizational impact.”


The CybeReady Manager’s Program Tool is now generally available in 40 languages and can be demonstrated via a personalized demo: