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Wales Tech Week 2023 announces partnership with San Francisco tech firm Sauce Labs

Wales may be known as the land of song, but it is also the birthplace of leading tech giants that have shaped the industry over the last 50 years – venture capitalists Sir Michael Moritz and Sir Terry Matthews, as well as former Sony President and CEO Sir Howard Stringer. Setting up the small nation as a global player in leading technological innovation and advances.


The nation has seen more than 3,500 companies develop, scale and grow in new and emerging technologies, with dynamic start-ups, world leading homegrown businesses and attracting major multinational players; all employing over 40,000 people in high value jobs and contributing more than £8.5 billion to the Welsh economy.


Technology Connected, the leading network for the technology industry in Wales, is launching its first ever international, hybrid tech summit. Wales Tech Week 2023 will showcase Welsh technology, its ecosystem and champion Wales as a centre of opportunity for enabling and emerging technologies and their applications for today’s business and society.


Wales Tech Week 2023 follows on from the successful virtual events in 2020 and 2021, where the festivals reached an audience of more than 4,500 people across 57 countries. 2023’s event will take place over three physical days and ten virtual days, and will be an interactive experience that brings together the global tech community to connect, collaborate and do business.


As a result, Technology Connected is delighted to announce that San Francisco headquartered Sauce Labs, a global leader in automated software testing and error remediation solutions, will be a platinum partner in Wales Tech Week 2023, and they will be looking to promote Wales, the opportunities and its technologies on a global stage.


Aled Miles, the Wales-born President and CEO of Sauce Labs said, “We are pleased to be partnering and supporting Wales Tech Week in 2023. It is an opportunity to be part of the growing presence that will bring Wales to the forefront as a technology hub for businesses across the world. As a nation, Welsh tech businesses have world class expertise in compound semiconductors, cybersecurity and a thriving involvement across the fintech and creative sectors.”


“I am looking forward to being a part of the two-day international summit, connecting with peers and inspiring the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.”


Aled Miles is also currently the Welsh Government Envoy to the United States.


Hosted at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Newport, South Wales, Wales Tech Week 2023, during its two-day summit, will see world-class speakers, global tech leaders and investors descend on the ICC, providing insights and inspiration to those attending. The event will also host exhibitions and more from innovators, entrepreneurs and the wider supporting Welsh tech industry ecosystem.


The summit will feature Wales’ expertise in technologies and their applications’ impacts on today’s business and societal challenges. Themes will include:


  • Blockchain
  • Photonics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Triple Transaction
  • Compound Semiconductors
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Virtual and Augmented Realities
  • ESG


The third day at the ICC will be the inaugural Talent4Tech event, designed to attract the next generation of tech talent, from apprentices to graduates to returners and transitioning workers, to inspire their journeys into the tech industry.


Avril Lewis, Managing Director for Technology Connected added, “We are thrilled to have Sauce Labs join us as one of our first Platinum partners for Wales Tech Week and we will be working closely together to shine a spotlight on our diverse and dynamic Welsh tech industry and its supporting ecosystem.


“Wales Tech Week is where technology will meet opportunity. It will fuse the benefits of technology with the power of people, their interaction, exuberance, and ingenuity to build Wales’ future as a technology powerhouse. We offer it all when it comes to making a difference, creating change and driving technological advances.


“We have created Wales Tech Week for individuals and businesses that are working in or developing new technologies, those interested in how technology can transform their business and those who are just ‘tech curious’, truly offering opportunity for all.”


Wales Tech Week 2023 Early bird tickets will be available for those wanting to attend until 31 December 2022. More information about Wales Tech Week, its programme, speakers and exhibition can be found on the website.