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6 Strategies For Hiring Top Tech Talent

Businesses require several resources to meet customers’ needs. One of these resources is human resources—that is, your workers. Based on your operations, you need experts in various departments. It’s the only way to run efficiently and get value for your money through wages.

An information technology (IT) department is a must-have for most businesses. Its importance is based on the fact that you utilize technology to run most, if not all, of your operations. A small hiccup could render your operations stagnant. It means you need top tech talent in your organization.

It begs the question: how will you land top tech talent in your organization? The secret lies in the hiring process. This article highlights strategies you can adopt when hiring; read on.


  1. Use HR Software

The human resource (HR) department is in charge of the hiring process. Innovators have developed technology to make the hiring process easier for this team. You can adopt various software, some being more advanced than others.

When hiring top tech talent, it’d help to use HR tools with analytic features like Horsefly Analytics and others. These features will analyse applicants through their academic qualifications, work experience, personalities, and other aspects contributing to their ability to execute their responsibilities. After the analysis, the tool will compare the results with your company’s standards and job requirements. If the applicant qualifies, you’re sure they’re talented enough for the job. 


  1. Seek Industrial Insight

Like any other business, you’re less likely to be the only company in your niche—there are several other companies in the business. It’s advisable to seek insight from these companies into how they hire their tech team. You’ll get the best practices for the hiring process, where to find top talent, and other insights which will help you source the talent for your business.

However, as you seek this insight, be wary of misinformation from competitors. Take the advice diligently; do more research into the insight you get and adopt other practices.


  1. Utilize Tech Professionals

The tech industry is often interpreted as complex, which is more or less true. It means the normal interview process with the HR team isn’t enough to recruit tech talent. The testing of skills is crucial. Hence, you must include your company’s tech team in the hiring process.

The tech team should interview the candidate at some point during the interview. They can ask them to perform various tech procedures and give solutions to certain problems. How they answer the questions and solve the problems will help you gauge their talent. Ultimately, you’ll find the right top tech talent for your organization.

  1. Hold Tech-Related Events

It’s said that most top tech talents barely apply for jobs. Should your business adopt the usual hiring process of job applications, you’ll often miss these talents. Instead, bring them to you by holding tech-related events.

These events include workshops or seminars where you hold several tech-related competitions. Since you’re looking for top talent, ensure the competitions are challenging. Your focus should be on those that win these competitions, factoring not only the task completion but also the completion timeframe. Through this approach, you’ll land the top tech talents. Be sure to approach them and inform them of positions in your organization.


  1. Create A Conducive Work Environment

Today, most workers are picky about where they work. The workplace environment contributes to mental health—it’s why workers look at it before working there. Most top tech talents have the same notion.

Therefore, ensure your workplace is conducive if you want to land the top tech talent. You can do so by providing mentorship to ensure talent growth and teamwork culture. An environment with all these features won’t make your top talent feel unproductive or that their skills are wasted in your organization. You’ll manage to retain them for the long term, benefitting your business.


  1. Consider Campus Recruitment

Campus recruitments are one of the strategies you should adopt if you’re looking for tech talent. Some are already tech gurus by the time they finish school. These are the ones you should target as a business.

Consider offering internships to top graduates, with the promise of talent nurturing and permanent jobs. You can even groom them for your business at this stage, an added advantage.



Top tech talent is a must-have in your business if you heavily rely on technology to run operations. Finding such talent is often not easy. However, the discussion above has made it more or less possible by giving top tech talent hiring strategies. From the strategies given, find those you can adopt based on your business setup and resources.