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New transformational end-to-end offering brings an end to costly software implementations for UK universities

To remove the need for complex consulting services that stifle investment and cost UK universities millions, higher education ERP provider TechnologyOne has launched a transformational end-to-end offering that will fundamentally redefine enterprise software and its delivery.

‘Solution as a Service’ (SaaS+) is the breakthrough answer to the three greatest impediments to investing in digital transformation – time to value, cost, and complexity – with TechnologyOne to become the only SaaS provider with the capability to provide customers with not only the software, but the entire end-to-end ERP solution with no implementation cost.

SaaS+ offers one fee, with no upfront costs, a guaranteed outcome, and a drastically reduced implementation timeline. The single yearly fee contains all of the costs required to implement, run, support and upgrade the best-in-class solution.


Leo Hanna, UK Executive Vice President at TechnologyOne, said the company’s ERP offering combined with SaaS+’s significantly reduced implementation time provided significant advantage for universities, at a time of increased competitiveness in the sector.

“With millions of domestic and international students studying in the UK every year, universities know they need to adapt to changing student expectations. Delivering a superior experience within our new hybrid learning world is one of the ways in which to attract and retain students,” Mr Hanna said.

“SaaS+ is a major improvement from the traditional model that relies on hugely expensive third-party consulting practices and complex implementation pathways that can cost higher education providers hundreds of millions over many years.

“Most universities we speak to have started their digital transformation journey, but often get hampered by significant budgets overruns, project delays and even project failures. The reality is, while software innovation happens quickly, the way it is implemented has not evolved – the education sector continues to be burdened by a flawed model where billions are wasted each year on traditional third-party consulting capabilities and implementation partners. Often, the cost of implementation partners is more than seven times the cost of the software itself.

“At TechnologyOne, we’re making digital transformation simpler, better and a reality today for our university partners and their students. With SaaS+, we are redefining the entire foundation and structure of the industry, re-writing the rules of engagement to do what takes our competitors years, in just months, and at a fraction of the cost.

“Speaking to our customers, which include universities, colleges, and vocational institutes across the United Kingdom, we know that’s something the market has always wanted, but no one has had the capability to achieve it – until now.

“At TechnologyOne, providing a holistic solution has always been our goal. Today we are proud to offer our higher education customers a solution that enables them to accelerate their digital transformation, run their business efficiently and deliver exemplary experiences for their students.