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Broadband Network Builder to invest in Local Welsh Schools

Broadband network builder Ogi has announced that they have started an innovative pilot programme with schools in Wales. The programme will see the firm invest an initial £10,000 to help local schools. It is hoped it will bring add vibrancy to STEM subjects such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics for pupils in years 5-9.

Ogi is currently investing £200 million to deploy a new gigabit-capable broadband network across 150,000 premises in Wales by 2025. It is hoped this major expansion will help many Welsh businesses and residents.  As part of this they have committed to a lot of social and community projects

The funding is being used to assist with the creation of new science education workshops. These workshops are being provided in collaboration with Science Made Simple.

The initial pilot programme launched during the autumn term with three schools in Llantwit Major (i.e. Ysgol Gymraeg Dewi Sant, St Illtyd Primary School, and Llantwit Major Secondary School), coinciding with the completion of Ogi’s initial network in the Vale of Glamorgan town.

For example, at Ysgol Gymraeg Dewi Sant, following an assembly that introduced using the electro-magnetic spectrum to transfer information. This showed how light travels through fibre to enable the broadband high-speed service. Local pupils took part in an electronics workshop where they built and soldered their own slice of a network, emulating the delivery of data using a circuit board, resistors, capacitors, transistors and LEDs.

Speaking on behalf of Ogi, Sarah Vining, Head of Brand and Engagement said:

“We talk a lot about the benefits of ultrafast broadband here at Ogi, and this initiative gives pupils the opportunity to build their own piece of the puzzle; learning more about the technology they use each and every day.

This is a generation who were heavily reliant on broadband and connectivity for home schooling, entertainment and support during the pandemic. So, while broadband is brilliant for gaming, and keeping in touch with friends, we want to create excitement about the technology behind the ‘magic’ too, inspiring a new generation of engineers and data scientists.

These groups have shown a real understanding and appreciation for the inner workings of a broadband connection, taking nothing for granted as they explore the science that continues to keep them connected to the world around us.

That’s why it’s essential we continue to help schools access opportunities like this, which demonstrate the real-life application of these vitally important STEM subjects.”

It is reported that Ogi is now looking to expand the programme to schools across South Wales in 2023 which will be welcome news to many.

As the cost-of-living increases, many households are facing the economic crunch head on. Many Welsh Households are looking to cut costs and hoping there will be better and more affordable broadband deals out there in time to come.