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Launch of Tech Ghana Advocates extends GTA network across all six continents

Global Tech Advocates, the world’s first truly international grassroots tech community, has today announced the launch of Tech Ghana Advocates, to champion the burgeoning tech ecosystem in Ghana.

The private sector-led advocacy group will exist as an independent organisation designed to address and campaign on the challenges faced by tech start-ups, leaders, and investors in Ghana, including access to funding and showcasing the innovation in Ghana’s burgeoning tech sector.

The group will be launched at the tenth edition of the Tech in Ghana Conference in Accra on the first day of the two-day conference (29th – 30th November 20220). The conference convenes decision makers, investors, fast-growing scale-ups and founders in the region to connect and strengthen Ghanaian tech.

Tech Ghana Advocates, led by Akosua Annobil, Founder of Tech in Ghana and AB2020, will create a platform to celebrate, promote and facilitate Ghanaian tech start-ups, connect Ghana’s tech ecosystem to the world but also the rest of the African continent, and work to change the global perception of Ghanaian tech.

The launch represents a significant milestone for Global Tech Advocates – with the addition of its first group in Africa, the GTA network now spans all six continents. With plans underway for a Tech Nigeria Advocates launch in 2023, GTA aims to further facilitate tech collaboration and amplify the already successful tech ecosystems in the west Africa region.

Ghanaian tech is on the rise with Venture Capital investment in the sector estimated at around $90 million. The country’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector has been its fastest-growing industry in recent years – with an estimated value of $1 billion, predicted to reach $5 billion by 2030. Ghana is home to a skilled workforce, entrepreneurial spirit, rapidly evolving technological infrastructure and conducive business environment.

Akosua Annobil, Group Lead, Tech Ghana Advocates, commented: “I have seen first-hand the power of the Global Tech Advocates network and I am delighted to bring the community to Ghana. I intend for Tech Ghana Advocates to be a platform to tencourage global collaboration with Ghana’s tech startup scene and a mutual exchange of knowledge and culture.”

Russ Shaw CBE, Founder of Global Tech Advocates, commented: “It is a privilege to be in Accra for the launch of Tech Ghana Advocates – our first group in Africa is a huge and long awaited milestone for GTA. The willingness of the tech community in Ghana to kick start this group and the enthusiasm for its potential impact fills me with excitement for where this group could go. With a flourishing tech ecosystem in Ghana, the potential for expansion is immense.”