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Talkwalker implements large language models – an industry first for consumer intelligence

Leading consumer intelligence platform, Talkwalker has announced the implementation of large language models within its consumer intelligence acceleration platform – an industry first in the consumer intelligence space.

Powered by Blue Silk™ Artificial Intelligence, the implementation of large language models is seen as a game changer, for social media, marketing, PR/comms and CX professionals.

The new market leading innovation provides unparalleled speed and agility to accurately categorise millions of relevant social conversations and capture the essence of thousands of  customer support emails, reviews and CSAT surveys, to draw actionable insights in real time.

Based on trained language data sets, large language models learn the relationships between words and phrases which can be used to predict and generate new text, translate between languages, and perform other natural language processing tasks, such as answering questions, classification or summarisation.

The large language models Talkwalker is using are up to a thousand times more functional than the first-generation models currently used by the majority of consumer intelligence providers, removing the need for manual processing.

Blue Silk™ Insight and 1-Click AI Classifier are the first proprietary Talkwalker applications of large language models that are now available in English, with other languages to follow in the coming year.


Jack Richards, Marketing Lead, Northern Europe at Talkwalker says:

‘Talkwalker has always been at the forefront of consumer intelligence innovation, being the first to introduce visual analytics, AI-powered sentiment analysis and predictive analytics, and now large language models.

‘Blue Silk™ Insight and 1-Click AI enables users to get to the gist of thousands of customer support emails, reviews and CSAT surveys, as well as segmenting and categorising consumer voices on social media and online channels in a few simple clicks.

‘Talkwalker’s large language models represent a major advance in the consumer intelligence space, with unparalleled speed and agility to quickly and accurately draw actionable insights in real time, allowing businesses and their brands to get even closer to their consumers.’


David Low, Chief Marketing Officer at Talkwalker says:

‘Data insights are invaluable, but in today’s digital world, brands are flooded with so much data, they’re struggling to efficiently and cost-effectively surface the key insights they need to take action.

‘Talkwalker’s pioneering innovations use cutting edge large language models, automation and AI to do the hard work behind the scenes so marketers can gain access to valuable insights more quickly and easily than ever before.’


Find out more about Talkwalker’s Blue Silk™ AI powered large language models here.