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OkularID joins the Open Identity Exchange

OkularID is world’s first biometric-based data privacy solution, has joined the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) community to contribute its knowledge and expertise in keeping online communication, information and transactions protected and private.

OkularID is a unique digital identity management platform to authenticate and validate user credentials in the digital space. It is promoted by Aikaki Limited, a UK based company that is focused on developing a user-centric digital identity wallet enabling users to share their credentials, digital assets and securely sign documents.

Driven by a strong belief in the interoperability of digital IDs, the newest member to the OIX community will contribute valuable insight as the digital space expands to help ensure wallets are compatible, integrate seamlessly and offer ‘passwordless’ access to digital assets.

Ajay Zharotia, Co-founder of OkularID, said: “We recognise that we are all in a digital tailwind and if the right actions are taken at the right time, it can be a successful global story. Our work is quickly establishing us as a thought leader and innovator in digital identity and access management solutions across the globe. Likewise, the OIX is driving positive changes in the digital ID space and it makes sense for us to come together in this mission.”

Sanjay Kumar, Co-founder of OkularID, said: “We are in the midst of a unique convergence of trends – an ever-increasing need for digital protection, bigger budgets for cyber security, much needed government interventions and changing consumer preferences. There is an immense opportunity to make a coordinated, concerted push to provide digital IDs to everyone. By joining the OIX community, we can have a greater impact on that push.”

Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist at OIX, said: “Our vision is clear – a world where we can all prove our identity and eligibility anywhere, using a simple universally trusted ID. Our work has impact because we attract members that are willing to strive to remove barriers to this. OkularID fits this bill perfectly and we are pleased to welcome them as our latest member.”