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Upgrade your smart home with smart window blinds

Smart home is an aspect that is becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. There are smart devices of all shapes and sizes, to be used through different platforms. A new addition to your smart home has been available in the United Kingdom since the start of December 2022: Smartblinds.


What are Smartblinds?

Smartblinds are electric roller blinds equipped with a smart wireless motor. You can connect the motor to your favourite smart home platform via the Thread protocol, making it possible to control your blinds in many ways. For instance, you can control your blinds with your smartphone, voice control and you can add your blinds to scenes of your smart home, which means you don’t have to do anything to trigger your blinds.


Why you need smart roller blinds

Smart blinds are the designated upgrade to your smart home. By extending your smart home with these smart window coverings, you will not only enjoy more comfort in your home. Your security and privacy will also get a huge boost by using smart window coverings. With Smartblinds, you’ll keep burglars out, and no longer be bothered by annoying prying eyes.

You can also save considerably on your energy bills with the use of Smartblinds. Without realising it, window coverings contribute a lot to the insulation of your home. By having good window coverings in your home, which can also be controlled smartly, you can better manage the temperature inside and outside your house. Good for you, and your wallet.


Ready for the future with Matter

Smartblinds are equipped with Eve Motionblinds motors. These motors are wireless and run on the Thread protocol. As a result, they can be connected to Apple HomeKit without any problems. Other smart home platforms currently still require a bridge.

With the arrival of Matter, this is a thing of the past. When Matter goes live, Smartblinds’ motors will be updated automatically. This will also allow you to connect your Smartblinds to Google Home or Amazon Alexa without any worries from then on. So you can connect your smart home even better!

In early December, Smartblinds started selling their products in the United Kingdom. To celebrate, a promotion is running until the end of the year. You get a 20% discount on all smart blinds and day and night blinds until 31 December.