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51% of UK consumers have never entered the metaverse but are interested in doing so.

GetApp UK launched its latest research study assessing consumer perceptions towards the metaverse and its future success.

GetApp’s study reveals how 45% of surveyed UK consumers believe the metaverse is here to stay and will affect everybody’s life to a certain extent. Whilst most respondents stated they feel neutral about the metaverse (38%), 41% feel either very or somewhat optimistic about the premise.

Generally, of those respondents who think that the metaverse is here to stay, 36% believe it will become accessible to the average person in the next 3-5 years. Whilst the second largest proportion (22%) believe it will become part of our every day in 5-8 years.

51% of respondents have never entered the metaverse yet are interested in doing so, yet 40% have never entered and have no interest in doing so. In total, only 9% of respondents have ever accessed the metaverse.

Consumers that have entered the metaverse

Of the 9% that have entered the metaverse, 49% first used it less than six months ago. Whilst 45% are still currently using it. Overall, users feel somewhat satisfied (55%) with it, and 32% feel strongly satisfied.

46% of the current metaverse users first used it in order to stay in the know regarding tech trends, followed by 28% after having heard about it from friends. This set of users now predominantly utilise it for gaming (62%) and interacting with people socially (33%).

Consumers that are yet to enter the metaverse but are interested in doing so

Of those that haven’t entered the metaverse but are interested in doing so, 44% haven’t done so yet due to not knowing how to enter or access it. What’s more, 28% stated that the technology is still too expensive to use.

Moreover, 67% would like to use it predominantly out of curiosity, whilst 34% to obtain unique and exclusive experiences.

Consumers that have not entered the metaverse and are not interested in doing so

Of those that have not yet used the metaverse and do not wish to, 51% claimed they are simply not interested in these kinds of new technologies, and 37% are against having to depend on technology even more than they already do.

The majority believe that the main disadvantage of using the metaverse is the price of equipment (40%), followed by the increased cybersecurity risk it poses (40%).

Sukanya Awasthi, Content Analyst at GetApp UK, comments:

“GetApp’s study reveals how UK consumers have mixed emotions regarding the metaverse; whilst 51% claimed to be interested in entering, 40% have no interest. Only 9% of respondents have accessed it, demonstrating how the metaverse is probably not a realistic possibility for much of the UK population at this point.

However, despite this, consumers overall agreed that the metaverse is here to stay and will impact everyone’s life to a certain extent. Consumers generally feel neutral about this premise, perhaps due to it not yet being a reality for many. Nonetheless, there are concerns present regarding the further dependence on technology the metaverse may cause.”

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Study Methodology

Data for 2022 Metaverse- the future of eCommerce survey was collected in October 2022, in which 997 UK consumers responded to GetApp’s survey.