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Newly Released Free Hapi VPN App Simplifies Smartphone Data Protection

Hapi VPN recently made its official world premiere on Google Play and the Apple App store, as well as an exclusive APK download that gives Android users another way to access the app. Thus far, the Hapi VPN app has quickly grown to be a chart topping free and unlimited VPN app, with users citing its exceptional speed, ease of use, and unparalleled level of protection.

Smartphone VPN (virtual private network) services have experienced higher demand with the age of smartphones and the ease with which hackers and spammers can hijack these devices and the data they contain. Hapi VPN works by encrypting data so that only the destination of the data can read it; even if hackers were to intercept the data, they wouldn’t be able to interpret it. Hapi VPN’s remote servers, which are strategically deployed around the world in 42 different countries, keep data safe and secure as the “data destination”.

Whether someone would like to keep their location private or secure sensitive information from malicious acts, Hapi VPN offers a free and unlimited time use solution that has already been utilized by people around the world.

Hapi VPN also gives people everywhere a solution if they aren’t able to access certain websites outside of their country. Since it uses servers in other countries, the app allows for streamlined surfing across virtually any border.

One person who recently downloaded the app left a 5-star review and said, “Just started using the app and love the fact that you click on ‘connect’ and that’s it. No configuration or confusion. I have kept it going and have used my apps and surfed the web without any issues. Very user friendly.”

Of course, this is just one of hundreds of positive reviews left by people who’ve tried Hapi VPN and fallen in love with its ease of use and stable connection. The free and unlimited Hapi VPN can be downloaded now via the Google Play and Apple App store. Learn more and download the APK version by visiting today.