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10 Top Digital Marketing Events for Networking in 2023

In today’s world, networking is one of the primary skills of successful people. With its help, you can tap into new ideas, strengthen your personal brand, exchange knowledge and experience with the industry’s leaders, obtain advice, and build confidence. On top of that, it will also open more career and business opportunities. According to statistics, as many as 80% of jobs are filled through networking. So if you want to secure a brilliant career for yourself, acquiring new contacts is a surefire way to do this.

According to the most successful people, networking is a crucial process that should start early and last throughout a person’s whole life. And many claim that college is the right time to get started.

When you are in college, networking will help you create and strengthen industry connections and get ahead of your peers in your career. Of course, students’ schedules are too busy to let them spend lots of time attending events and making connections. Nevertheless, this effort is always well worth it. So if you want to jump-start your success, delegate your tasks to a trusted “write my paper” service to keep your grades high. And use the saved time to attend the following digital marketing events that will be the best for networking in 2023.


Global Virtual MarTech Summit

Location: Online

Dates: February 22, 2023

The first event coming up in 2023 is the Global Virtual MarTech Summit. The summit is an annual one-day event that brings together the top talents from the digital world and lets them exchange valuable knowledge, experiences, and insights. This event might not be very famous. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth attending.

According to hosts, this year’s summit will drive over 600 attendees and over 35 industry leaders. Another reason not to miss it (especially for busy students) is that it takes place virtually. That is, it will let you gain knowledge and network even without leaving the comfort of your own home. Lastly, this event is known for its great speakers. The list of this year’s performers is not revealed yet. However, last year, there were experts from Meta, DHL Express, Southern Cross University, etc.

Social Media Strategies Summit

Location: Online

Dates: February 21-24, 2023

The next must-visit event of 2023 is fully dedicated to SMM (social media marketing). Every marketing student knows that SMM is one of the most in-demand and fast-developing marketing sectors. The Social Media Strategies Summit is one of the top-class events dedicated to SMM. If you are interested in this field, you should definitely attend this event.

The core goal of this summit is to bring together the best senior-level SMM specialists and let them share their experience with the rest, and teach them how to craft winning strategies for social media. After this event, you will know how to get on social media, build brand awareness, and much more. Best part? This year’s lineup already includes some great specialists from well-known companies, such as Red Bull, Zendesk,, and others.

Social Media Marketing World

Location: San Diego, CA

Dates: March 13-15, 2023

The Social Media Marketing World is also dedicated to social media. It drives thousands of influencers, marketers, and brands and helps them exchange business-building SMM ideas. This year’s event will be the 10th Social Media Marketing World. It will take three days, during which speakers will cover the four key areas – organic SMM, paid social, social strategy, and content marketing. And the speakers are also great.

Attending this event is a bit more challenging for students. Unlike the two previous options, this one takes place offline. It will be hosted in San Diego, California, in March, so in order to network here, you will need to travel. But don’t forget that you can request help from professional academic help services to take care of your assignments while you’re away.

Adobe Summit

Location: Online and Las Vegas, NV

Dates: March 21-23, 2023

The next one on our list is a massive event held by one of the leading digital brands – Adobe. This summit takes place annually, and it’s certainly worth visiting for educational and networking purposes. During this year’s summit, there will be more than 200 in-person sessions with the industry’s leaders from companies like Adobe, Nike, General Motors, etc. The topics covered during the event will include:

  • Personalization;
  • Omnichannel engagement;
  • Customer journey analytics;
  • B2B marketing;
  • Trends;
  • Customer data management, etc.

Just like every previous year, in 2023, the Adobe Summit will bring together the best digital marketing professionals. Therefore, attending it will definitely help you make new connections, gain valuable insights, and find inspiration.

Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWF)

Location: London, UK

Dates: June 21-22, 2023

DMWF is one of the leading events in the digital marketing sector. Every year this forum attracts thousands of attendees, including senior-level employees and directors from the world’s top companies. Also, the event is known for featuring world-class speakers from the top global brands.

Given the high level of this forum, it’s clear that it should give you plenty of unique opportunities for networking. Of course, traveling all the way to London can be somewhat challenging. But if you can visit, be sure not to miss DMWF this year!

Growth Marketing Summit

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Dates: June 22, 2023

As you can see, the next event on our list will also require you to overcome a long path to attend it. The Growth Marketing Summit is a one-day event taking place in Germany. However, if your schedule and budget allow you to visit it, make sure that you don’t miss this opportunity because it’s an elite, world-class conference.

This conference is focused on digital growth. Every year it attracts top brands and senior-level professionals from all industry verticals. Needless to say, this summit will give you an ample chance to network. So if you are hoping to build a successful career, it is your unique prospect to get started.


Location: Seattle, WA

Dates: August 7-9, 2023

The next event won’t require you to travel too far away. At the same time, it’s not less worth attending than the previous conferences on this list. Moz is the creator of one of the world’s best digital e-commerce marketing tools, and their MozCon conference is also considered one of the most exciting annual events in the industry.

One of the primary focuses of this conference is SEO. The hosts invite lots of credible speakers who share the main challenges, best practices, and trends of search engine optimization and related fields. This year’s lineup is not yet revealed. Nevertheless, during the past years’ speakers included some of the world’s greatest SEO, search marketing, and conversion optimization leaders.

Vibe MarTech Fest

Location: Dubai, UAE

Dates: September 13-14, 2023

The next one on our list is the Vibe MarTech Fest or VMF. In 2023, it will be the sixth VMF ever held. Although it has been around for not so long, VMF is widely recognized as the first and the largest digital marketing technology summit in the Middle East.

The topics covered during VMF are broad. These include social media analytics, marketing automation, Machine Learning (ML), customer relationship management (CRM), and many others. The biggest benefit of this event is that it’s primarily aimed at senior marketers, IT professionals, and top-level executives. Thus, the networking opportunities it offers are excellent.

Content Marketing World

Location: Washington, D.C.

Dates: September 26-29, 2023

There is no secret that content is king in the world of digital marketing. Thus, as an ambitious marketing student, you should also be interested in the role of content in successful online advertising. The Content Marketing World is a conference and expo that will help you delve into this topic and network with the industry’s leading figures.

The event is taking place in September in Washington, D.C. It will bring together hundreds of attendees and lots of great speakers. According to the hosts, this year’s conference will feature over 100 live sessions and keynotes. The lineup is not revealed yet. Nevertheless, last year’s speakers were impressive.


Location: San Diego, CA

Dates: October 14-17, 2023

Finally, the last one on our list is LavaCon – a famous worldwide digital marketing conference that started in Hawaii and is held all across the US. In 2023, the conference will be taking place in San Diego, California, in October. This conference aims to bring together content professionals from all across the country and the world and help them exchange knowledge and experiences that empower businesses.

This year’s list of speakers is still unknown. However, last year there were over 600 speakers and attendees. The speakers were from such big-name brands as Netflix, Google, Pinterest, Amazon, Microsoft, and similar.

The Bottom Line

Networking is one of the most powerful career and business tools ever. And industry events are among the best networking opportunities existing today.

After reading this article, you have a list of the most anticipated digital marketing events of 2023. Use this list as your networking guide, and be sure to make the most out of every opportunity!