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Leeds Building Society modernises legacy monitoring strategy to deliver frictionless savings, mortgage, and investment journeys with Dynatrace

Intelligent observability enables teams to manage issues proactively, to prevent service interruption for customers and colleagues

Leeds Building Society is using Dynatrace to enhance the reliability and performance of its digital savings, mortgage, and investment services. Priding itself on putting homeownership within reach of more people; the building society recognises the importance of delivering seamless digital journeys to ensure that applying for a mortgage or investing in the future is as easy as possible. It needs to ensure its services have a high threshold of reliability, to minimise the risk that technical issues could lead to property transactions being delayed, or prevent customers from accessing their savings when they need to.

Leeds Building Society previously relied on multiple monitoring tools to manage the performance and reliability of its services. This approach made it more difficult to provide operations teams with clear insight into the cause of service issues, thus making it harder to resolve problems. The building society needed a modern observability solution that could combine insight from across its entire multigenerational technology stack, which spans purpose-built data centres, third-party services, and cloud applications.

“Working with Dynatrace gave us the information we needed immediately,” commented Mark O’Brien, Senior Service Delivery & Operations Manager at Leeds Building Society. “Its AIOps-powered insights give us precise answers about the source and cause of any issues before they interrupt our services. We can even see the exact number of users affected, which allows us to make more informed decisions about exactly how we manage service issues.”

With Dynatrace, Leeds Building Society has been able to reduce the number of service incidents impacting customer and colleague experiences by identifying problems as they emerge. Previously, it would have taken longer for teams to identify and resolve the root cause of a service issue, but with Dynatrace they have reduced that time down to an hour. Additionally, Dynatrace has transformed the role of Leeds Building Society’s service operations team and is driving greater collaboration across the business. For example, it is now possible to monitor the performance of a new product or service and identify how that impacts uptake, so teams can prioritise their engineering efforts where they drive the greatest value.

“Our operations team are now able to act as the eyes and ears that are monitoring the health of our services with an advanced observability platform,” continued O’Brien. “Dynatrace shows a clear line between digital systems performance and business outcomes, enabling IT to start working more collaboratively with other teams. Our colleagues and customers now benefit from improved quality of service. Our teams can innovate in the spaces we want to, by working faster and managing our services effectively in a fast-paced environment. Dynatrace helps us make informed decisions on where we invest in change to drive an improved experience for our customers and colleagues.”

About Leeds Building Society

The Society operates throughout the UK and had assets of £24.1bn at 30 June 2022. The UK’s fifth-largest Building Society has its head office in the centre of Leeds, where it was founded in 1875.

The Society won the title of Best Shared Ownership Mortgage Lender in the 2022 What Mortgage Awards, its seventh consecutive year of success in this category. It also received a Gold Ribbon from Fairer Finance for savings accounts for the fifth year running, based on customer happiness and trust, along with the ability to explain things clearly.