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AI – Creative marketing opportunities associated with artificial intelligence

It’s rare for someone not to have heard of artificial intelligence. In the last decade, artificial intelligence has made its way into many parts of the world, and it’s rare that people notice the presence of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence or machine learning describes the process of getting a computer to perform a task that was previously only possible for humans.

Data, data, and more data

Artificial intelligence is a tool that can be used in many different contexts, and it’s only your imagination that sets limits on how to use artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is particularly suitable for creative expression, which can be used both as a source of inspiration and to produce a final product in the form of text and images.

The reason why machines have been able to produce images and text is that they are fed with extremely large amounts of data that are available on the internet. Artificial intelligence considers all the data that can be found and produces a final product based on what it already knows. Therefore, there are both opportunities and limitations associated with artificial intelligence, which you can read more about in connection with creative opportunities.

Use artificial intelligence to create content

A creative process in which artificial intelligence can be used to a great extent is in connection with creating content. Text is the largest data source that can be found on the internet, and it is even found in unimaginable amounts, which means that there is an extremely large amount of data for artificial intelligence. This means that you can ask a computer to write any text, with different criteria, and end up with a unique text – and yet not.

The text that you end up with will always be a result of the information that already exists on the internet, which means that it is not as unique as it pretends to be. Sometimes it makes sense to go with the text that the artificial intelligence generates for you, but in other cases it may be a better idea to use the final product as inspiration only. If you are writing a longer article or descriptive text, it will often be a good idea to rewrite the text to your own unique content.

AI can create images for you

Just like with texts, there are also an extremely large number of images on the internet that can be considered a data source that artificial intelligence can use to create images. Artificial intelligence can thus create images. The images will be a result of several composite images that already exist, which the artificial intelligence uses to create a new image based on your criteria.

Whether the image that you end up with can be used, depends on what you need to use the image for. If you need animated images, you will undoubtedly be able to use many of them, but if you need an image that depicts reality, you will run into trouble. If you want to read further about AI and images you will find some more information in this website –

AI should be taken with a grain of salt

As you can sense, there are both opportunities and limitations associated with artificial intelligence. It is very important that you are always having a critical approach when working with artificial intelligence. You should always consider whether the product you end up with suits your needs. It is important to remember that text and images will often be regarded as unique from a human perspective, but not from a computer’s perspective.

Therefore, a computer will be able to quickly tell if a piece of text or an image is created based on artificial intelligence. This is of course an important point in any creative process, as no one likes to be presented with something that is not unique – especially not computers like Google and other search engines.

A large part of modern marketing takes place digitally on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. These platforms don’t like to present their users with something that is created by a computer. Therefore, it is important that you remember to think twice when working with artificial intelligence. Use it mainly as a source of inspiration.