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Outsourcing IT in the Dental Industry: Establishing a brand and improving the customer experience

A standout player in the continually evolving and highly competitive dental industry – Tooth Club demonstrates how outsourcing their IT has enabled rapid growth and enhanced their customer experience.

NHS reforms, changing demographics, improvements in technology and the increasing range of treatment options has led to a significant rise in the demand for private dentistry in the UK.

From cutting edge technology in patient treatments to advanced client software, to succeed in this industry dental practices recognise the importance of getting their IT requirements right from the beginning – aesthetically and practically.

Opening their first practice in 2020, Tooth Club quickly established a growing brand with a rapidly expanding network of accessible and affordable dental practices, treating around 30,000 clients in 11 locations across London and the South of England.

Recognising the need for an outsourced IT partner from the beginning of their journey, Kunal Thakker, Director of Tooth Club selected Pinnaca Retail and IT solutions – a family-run business offering specialist management consultancy and IT services nationally and internationally.

“Pinnaca’s invaluable advice, support and hard work has enabled our rapid expansion plans, from 1 to 11 practices in just two years. With a now proven successful model of working, the team attend every new practice site survey, so they are on hand from the outset to advise and guide on all IT requirements. From cable locations to servers and wiring to hardware, the project is always delivered on time, no matter what it takes”.

Recognising the importance of a strong brand image in this highly competitive industry, Pinnaca worked alongside Tooth Club to ensure the design, style and location of hardware complemented their ultra modern clinics – decorated with flower walls, Netflix in every treatment room, gorgeous scents and selfie mirrors for those perfect before and after images.

Kunal explained “technology is key to the rapid growth of Tooth Club, as it is for most fast-growing, customer-focused businesses, but it’s just as important that our high-end dental clinics look beautiful too.

Our luxury aesthetics are what sets us apart, so we needed an IT partner who was not only willing to think outside the box, but who was also able to bring our vision to life with pace and perfection.

Pinnaca have flawlessly integrated and concealed the IT and technology in every practice, and their personal one to one care and understanding of my business requirements is outstanding.”

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