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Framery Builds Best-In-Class Hybrid Workspaces with Logitech

Workplace industry pioneer Framery announces today the launch of a partnership with Logitech, a leading manufacturer of conference room solutions and computer peripherals. As many companies adjust to hybrid work models, the number of meetings that include an online participant are quite staggering: depending on the source, 80 – 98% of all meetings have at least one remote participant. Together, Framery and Logitech are ideally positioned to join forces and create best-in-class hybrid workspaces. This partnership ushers in a new era of video conferencing for offices around the world, as Framery-Logitech product compatibility brings numerous benefits to end users and facility managers, including streamlined Microsoft Teams access for an all-in-one video conferencing setup.

“As human beings, we are always searching for richer interactions with one another,” says Framery’s Head of Products, Lasse Karvinen. “The Framery and Logitech partnership equips employees with seamless interaction both in-person and remotely. Framery pods are already designed for quality discussions in a soundproof environment––we can now provide sound insulation for full speech privacy and clear audio during teleconferencing with Logitech products.” Framery products can be paired with the Logitech product family through a plug-and-play, all-in-one virtual meeting solution to ensure optimal audio and video quality. From Framery O and Framery Q to Framery 2Q and Framery One, each pod can be equipped with Logitech webcams, control panels, and docking stations. “Our customers and system integration partners are looking for solutions that seamlessly blend physical spaces and technology components. We are thrilled to partner with Framery via the Logitech Collaboration Program (LCP) to integrate the Framery pods with Logitech’s meeting room and desktop products to simplify the deployments and enhance the user experience,” sa Sudeep Trivedi, Head of Alliances and Go-to-Market for B2B at Logitech.

The tech-forward partnership satisfies the current needs of the workplace industry through a one-stopsolution that prioritizes privacy, acoustics, adaptability, and comfort combined with intuitive, videoconference ready technology. Well-equipped pods lend to an adaptable workplace that can easily be re-configured without construction or major interior renovations––providing additional benefits for not only facility managers and property owners, but also the environment at-large. Framery and Logitech have been exploring device configurations and compatibility since the beginning of 2022. The buying process will include a product page on the Framery website that showcases all of the Logitech setups, configurations, and links to resellers so clients can easily choose suitable devices for their existing and/or future Framery pod purchases. All device configurations for the Framery product family will be Microsoft Teams Certified. In addition to the website, Framery plans to release additional product materials such as meeting guides and product cards for ease of use. For more information, please visit