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Lakeside Software Platform enhances proactive IT support and visibility of enterprise IT health

Lakeside Software announced its latest technology advances designed to improve proactive IT management and the visibility of IT health. A leader in digital employee experience (DEX), Lakeside developed innovative proactive alerts that identify and prevent issues before they escalate to improve the overall employee experience. The company also released a completely redesigned Executive Insights dashboard to enable rapid visibility into the top issues affecting productivity and the business’ bottom line.

Lakeside offers the most comprehensive dataset collected from a broad range of endpoints and leverages the advanced SysTrackTM Sensor platform to enable organizations to predict, alert on, and prevent technology issues – such as network, web application, desktop application, hardware, operating system, or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) issues – from becoming widespread business disruptions.

“Far too often, IT is forced to be an emergency care unit for issue resolution,” said David Keil, CEO of Lakeside. “Demands to close more tickets each day across increasingly distributed workplaces has left the global support system in a constant state of reaction and fire drills. Lakeside breaks this cycle with proactive alerts– transforming industry-leading endpoint and experience data into real-time notifications.”

The newly-introduced proactive alerts feature empowers IT leaders with highly-customizable, real-time notifications of issues in their digital environment before any issue becomes prevalent. Proactive alerts draw from Lakeside’s industry-leading data collection to deliver insights directly to users without having to login or search for specific parameters. Lakeside’s Digital Workplace Productivity Report confirms that most employees are operating at only 60 percent of their productive capacity due to limited workplace technology, and that 40 percent of workplace technology issues — such as network connectivity, application performance, and system errors — go unreported to IT teams.

Key features of Lakeside’s proactive alerts include:

– Threshold-based notifications: Resolve emerging or high-risk issues, preventing ticket spikes. Automated alerting enables automated, proactive prevention for common and technology-specific issues​.
– Group management: Customize support by monitoring and alerting focused on a specific business group, technology, work style, and more.
– Custom recipients: Eliminate wasted time by alerting the right team in real-time when the issue starts to occur

In addition, the redesigned Executive Insights application enables business leaders to quickly understand the digital health of the enterprise. It removes the observability silos across internal infrastructure technologies and employee experience, providing a true snapshot of the business for top-level strategy decision-making.

Key features for Lakeside’s Executive Insights include:

– Health and productivity breakdowns: Prioritize the most pervasive and time-costing issues affecting employees.
– Group management: View productivity cost of IT and DEX issues by department, endpoint type, user behaviors, and more.
– Community benchmarking: Devise the right business strategy using contextual insights, backed by every layer of the enterprise tech stack.
– Dashboard export: Save time by easily exporting the data that matters most for leadership meetings.

“At Lakeside, we collect more telemetry and user data than anyone,” said Elise Carmichael, Chief Technology Officer of Lakeside. “Our proactive IT tools don’t just leverage our rich data but we cut through the noise to deliver only critical, real-time information affecting the larger organization. This technology ensures IT leadership has the organizational-wide visibility to get ahead of tickets and business disruptions, saving both employees and engineers from frustrating IT queues, or more often than not, countless computer reboots.”

The actionability of Lakeside’s digital experience data is built on the foundation of unrivaled depth, breadth, and history of endpoint telemetry collection. Further expanding this data is Lakeside’s new support for Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor. This integration will help clients manage performance and right size their Nutanix VDI environments with rich data insights available across the Digital Experience Cloud.

The company was named the Leader in the 2022 IDC MarketScape for European End-User Experience Management and in The Forrester Wave™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022 reports.

To learn more about the importance of proactive IT operations, register for the webinar The Key to Delivering Proactive IT Support (Without Burning Out Your Team).