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Say goodbye to the digital skills shortage: a new job board connects companies with entry-level tech talent.

Say goodbye to the digital skills shortage: a new job board connects companies with entry-level tech talent.

A new job board has been launched by a Manchester-based software developer, to address the growing technology skills shortage in the UK by connecting companies with a diverse range of self-taught developers, including those from bootcamps and career changers.

The job board aims to fill the gap in the market for developers who have taken alternative routes into tech and are often under-represented in the job market, despite their valuable skills and experience gained from other sectors and industries.

According to a recent survey of businesses, 81% of them say they would be more invested in those looking to start an entry-level position without a degree, 87% would favour a positive work attitude over qualifications in an entry-level job, and 78% value role passion higher than those that hold a degree. source

Furthermore, recent research shows that there has been a 602% growth in job adverts looking for management experience and 8:1 mid-senior v entry-junior tech vacancies.

“The traditional education system is not the only path to becoming a software developer anymore, there are new exciting ways like bootcamps, online courses and more. What we need now is to show employers how beneficial it can be to hire somebody who, for example, is an ex-firefighter or teacher” said Ishaq Amin, the developer who created the job board.

As a by-product, companies are noticing hiring at entry level improves DEI and brings more under-represented groups into tech.

The job board offers a variety of jobs for self-taught developers, including Software, Cyber Security and DevOps roles, to name a few.

“Within a month of launching we have had thousands of page views via Google and Linkedin. Over 200 people are registered and have uploaded their CVs and we are partnering with bootcamps up and down the country. It is really exciting to see so much diverse talent wanting to break into tech and their passion really is infectious”

If you are looking for a junior or entry-level IT or digital role check out