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CybExer Technologies and Rashtriya Raksha University Join Forces to Improve Cybersecurity Training of Indian Governmental Sector

CybExer Technologies, a NATO-awarded deep tech cyber range company, has today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Rashtriya Raksha University – the National Security and Police University of India.

The partnership will drive towards enhancing the level of cybersecurity training & expertise in various sectors dealing with critical information and infrastructure, with CybExer Technologies’ cyber range becoming the underlying technology to dispense cyber security training for the Indian Government Sector and other field experts in Rashtriya Raksha University.

CybExer’s proprietary cyber range will also power the annual Indian National Cybersecurity Exercise that is aimed to prepare the government officials against the cyber threats and train them to manage possible cyber attacks against India’s critical infrastructure. The collaboration will also enable Rashtriya Raksha University to make use of CybExer’s cutting-edge cyber range technology to train the trainers and provide the best cybersecurity education possible.

Colonel Nidhish Bhatnagar, the Director of School of Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security of Rashtriya Raksha University, said: “We are glad that we can utilise the best technology to improve the Education and the Cyber Defence capabilities of India. What makes CybExer’s cyber range especially appealing to us is the ability to customise and create our content without restrictions. We want to make full use of the cyber range and not be limited by artificial barriers.”

Andrus Kivisaar, CEO of CybExer Technologies, said: “India is a large country and huge market with a lot of potential. I believe that the agreement with Rashtriya Raksha University opens up interesting new avenues for both parties. We are very glad that the University chose to partner with CybExer – that proves the high level of our product.”

CybExer Technologies is committed to providing innovative and effective cybersecurity solutions and this partnership with Rashtriya Raksha University is an important milestone for the company.