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How to build an ecommerce website? Full Guide

Ecommerce web development service

Retail stores represent a wide range of opportunities. At the same time, the main limitation of retail stores comes from geographical limitations. The Internet has unleashed a significant number of opportunities. TRIARE provides web development services customized to the specific aspects of your business. The types of businesses ranging from small companies to the global-scale B2C and B2D firms with omnichannel solutions.


What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce is also known as electronic or internet commerce. It is like having your favourite corner shop right in the phone. Ecommerce platforms allow to make purchases or sell goods and services via the Internet, transfer money and data to complete the sales. There are a few types of ecommerce models based on business needs. Let’s consider them:

  • Business to Consumer(B2C). This model of ecommerce means that the sale is taking place between a business and a consumer. It is a common for us online shopping.
  • Business to Business (B2B). B2B ecommerce platforms offer business to sell services or goods to another business. It can be software products or raw materials.
  • Direct to Consumer (D2C).  The sales are carried out directly to customers without retailer, distributor or wholesaler participating. Selling via Instagram, Facebook, TikTok is a perfect example.
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C). C2C ecommerce takes place between consumers on the specific platforms like eBay. They offer individual products and carry out the process of sale by their own.
  • Consumer to Business (C2B). This is all related to freelance.

How to build an ecommerce website?

There are a few steps of ecommerce website development. Let’s quickly go through the process of building ecommerce website:

  1. Get a domain. It is your web address. The domain name should be closely connected to what you sell. You can use descriptive keywords or phrases. It helps customers find you in a few clicks. Then register the domain.
  2. Choose a platform. This is the place where your site “lives”. Platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce offer launching places with a wide range of tools to develop an ecommerce website.
  3. Create a visual. To make your brand recognizable it is better to create a catchy design. Ecommerce development services let you make simple logos using templates. You also should take care of products’ appearance and customer service page.
  4. Set up payment, shipping, tax and marketing tools. This step is important for customers’ buying experience. And depends on the platform you chose.
  5. Test and launch. This is the last step of building ecommerce website. Each platform handles testing differently. Once you have gone through it successfully, you’re ready to open for business.

Let’s talk a bit more about platforms. The very first thing that we hear from our clients is certainly a high pressure to generate a strong and memorable online brand identity and unique functionality to the customers. Services like Shopify or BigCommerce provide a wide range of tools to build a site, but, speaking straight from the shoulder, those templates look the same and do not cover all business needs. That is the reason we stand on custom-made ecommerce web development services. Who needs exactly the same website?


Custom ecommerce web development service

Obvious, unique website design emphasizes the originality and outperforms competitors. Our client’s sites are examples of successful web design. What benefits did they get?

  1. One-of-a-kind website design can tailor a flexible solution to meet a company’s needs, not just now but into the future. That is the first of bespoke web design solutions. As your business grows, our ongoing support will help you to achieve new goals and develop the next stages of your website’s growth.
  2. Better conversion rate. This bespoke solution sees website design as an indicator of user experience. Template is intended to limit construction rights on your pages and layout. But with bespoke web development, you can start by planning out your content and create the user interface around that strategy.
  3.  And the most obvious benefit we were talking about from the beginning – originality.  A Bespoke website is always one that is designed from scratch, solely and entirely for someone.


Building an ecommerce website in B2B market

The changes in B2B consumer expectations and preferences are occurring rapidly. Speed and convenience have become the cornerstone for the customers. They expect a quick purchasing experience and significant flexibility. Therefore, entering the digital world has become a focal point for the B2B businesses to maintain their competitive positions.

Building an ecommerce web site is in line with the rising levels of ecommerce sales. B2B ecommerce has already become a foundation for long-term strategic corporate growth. A dedicated company may be able to offer the necessary solutions for the companies in their new efforts.


Ecommerce development solutions in B2C market

Ecommerce solutions involve several crucial stages that relate to building loyalty. They allow fast and smooth purchasing, differentiation with the personalized experiences, implementation of the efficient inventory systems, and cost-efficiency. Furthermore, the companies must empower a customer and lead him to self-service functionality. Proper ecommerce web development ensures just that along with integrations, revenue growth and business intelligence use.

TRIARE provides custom ecommerce development that focuses on business strategy and innovative technological tools for building websites for our customers. Thus, our ecommerce website development fulfills your business objectives. We also assist with marketing, design, usability, and security.


How much does an ecommerce website cost?

The cost of ecommerce web development depends on the service provider. Ecommerce platforms have fixed monthly fees for using their tools. Even to register your domain name will cost some fees.

Given all the above, the completion of ecommerce website development might be such a challenge for beginners. TRIARE offers effective solutions for different types of ecommerce and drives the whole process of developing internet website. Our custom ecommerce web development services get embodied in interactive ecommerce websites, which become a communication tool for the involved businesses. Our web designs demonstrate strong functionality and simplicity, allowing differentiation within the market and enhancing the purchasing process.