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New mentoring platform works to break down barriers and raise money for good causes

Coachcube, an online UK mentoring platform, aims to eliminate barriers to career and education opportunities for young people. The London-based startup also donates 95% of fees generated to UK charities and good causes.

Founded in 2021 by Sylvester Lewis, Coachcube empowers young people to make informed career and education decisions by matching them with an experienced professional and, or academic mentor to gain insight and advice about a specific industry, job role, skill set and, or application process.

Mentoring sessions take place online via video. It’s a simple exchange of knowledge, experience, insights and information from one person to another who wants to learn more about a particular subject.

The platform donates 95% of fees generated to a UK-registered charity of the mentor’s choice. The remaining 5% is reinvested into the platform.

There is currently no major online platform where young people can receive 1-1 career and education advice from industry experts via video teleconference sessions. Coachcube aims to be the first.

Coachcube already has an active membership of over 500 mentors and mentees who raised £250,000 in seed funding and aim to secure £1m in crowdfunding later in the year. Coachcube has also been selected by the Mayor of London to help deliver the New Deal for Young People initiative.

A comprehensive study, published as part of the Institute for Fiscal Studies Deaton Review of Inequalities, shows that education in the UK is not tackling inequality. Instead, it states there are pervasive and entrenched inequalities in educational attainment.

On founding Coachcube, Sylvester said: “For younger people, the world of work can feel like a different world in which they have no way of accessing it or tapping into it.

“You wouldn’t think twice about the information and experience you have built throughout your education and career. But to someone who is younger, who hasn’t got the experience, built the network, who hasn’t had the opportunities to reach out and ask those questions, your expertise and insights are invaluable.

“There are certain educational institutions, jobs and sectors which are associated with a certain socioeconomic background. As such, they are inaccessible to or unknown by a significant proportion of the UK population.

“Coachcube is keen to lead the way in reducing these barriers and make industries accessible to all.’

Sylvester added: “If you’re an executive at Goldman Sachs or Amazon, do you really need £45 (the price of a 1-on-1 mentoring session) from a student who is keen to follow in your footsteps? Probably not.

“With Coachcube, you can support someone who values your insights and expertise whilst contributing to a good cause of your choosing alongside improving your mentoring skills such as listening and providing feedback.

“Coachcube’s intention is to eliminate barriers and open opportunities for everyone regardless of their background, culture, expertise and socioeconomic status.”

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