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Schneider Electric, Capgemini and Qualcomm join forces to create 5G-enabled hoisting system – TechInformed

At MWC Barcelona 2023 this week, Schneider Electric, Capgemini, and Qualcomm announced their collaboration to create a 5G-enable automated hoisting system to be deployed across various industrial and logistic sites.

The solution is to be implemented by digital automation firm Schneider Electric’s hoisting lab, and will reportedly provide 24/7 reliability, accuracy, and manual and autonomous capabilities.

A hoisting system is used to raise and lower equipment and materials in sites such as a mine.

According to the press release by infotech Capgemini, several systems need to coexist on the same network with video camera for monitoring and remote operations, and PLCs (Programmable Logc Controllers) for various control functions.

Therefore, 5G’s low latency characteristics will allow the system to replace fiber cables in remote-control operations, which will simplify network complexity, reduce wires, and provide long-term reliable connectivity.

“The 5G end-to-end solution customised for Schneider Electric’s hoisting system is a good example of the added value of 5G for industrial communication and really illustrates its potential to transform an industry segment,” said Fotis Karonis, group leader of 5G and edge computing at Capgemini.

“Advanced connectivity, 5G, and Edge computing technologies are strong enablers and accelerators for this move towards a digital economy and innovative use cases. They allow industrial clients to redesign systems and processes and make them more efficient, agile, and intelligent,” he added.

“The opportunity to utilise 5G to propel enterprise connectivity forward is tremendous, thus we are investing in this emerging ecosystem by providing practical innovations for 5G Private Networks,” said Enrico Salvatori, senior vice president of semiconductor firm Qualcomm Europe, and president of Qualcomm Europe/MEA.

Salvatori added: “Our latest technologies are accelerating the numerous benefits modern 5G Private Networks offer to partners like Schneider Electric and Capgemini. By enabling a pre-integrated solution with multi-vendor choice along with Open RAN automation and management technology to streamline deployment, management, and customisability of private networks, we’re helping reduce complexities and accelerate time to market globally.”

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