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Imply Launches ‘Tales at Scale’ Podcast

Imply, the company founded by the original creators of the real-time analytics database Apache Druid, today announced the launch of its new podcast “Tales at Scale.” The show will feature guests from across the database and analytics space as well as experts on Apache Druid. Topics include real-time analytics applications, real-time data architectures, the latest Druid releases and more.

The data and analytics space is changing rapidly because of new analytics use cases. There is a greater demand for faster query performance on large data sets, higher queries per second from user-facing applications and real-time decisioning workflows, and large scale stream ingestion from Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis. New players are entering the market and new technologies are expanding the ecosystem. Developers, data engineers and data architects taking on new challenges are looking for guidance from their peers, and that’s what “Tales at Scale” aims to provide.

“The goal of the show, for me, is to inspire developers out there to look at analytics differently,” said Reena Leone, senior developer evangelist at Imply and host of the new podcast. “I’m here to find and showcase stories that help those listening tackle technical challenges and gain insights from folks who know what they’re talking about but in a conversational way.”

“Our community is a top priority for us, and the podcast is another way to showcase what developers are building with Apache Druid and Imply. I’m excited to be able to provide another platform for them to share their stories,” said Vadim Ogievetsky, Apache Druid PMC and co-founder of Imply.

The first few episodes feature co-creator of Apache Druid and Field CTO of Imply Eric Tschetter and co-founder and CPO of Nile Gwen Shapira, among others. “Tales at Scale” will launch a new episode twice a month and is available on most podcast streaming platforms.