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Tips on How To Optimise Your PC for Gaming

We paid the main points precisely to optimization through simple and uncomplicated steps guaranteed to facilitate the PC’s work, including gaming.

Disable Windows Game Mode

Suddenly? We understand this, but it works no matter how paradoxical it may look. Turning off a Windows feature explicitly aimed at improving gaming performance may seem strange, but it is.

The Windows game mode itself works strangely, especially in games, and even affects the overall performance parameter in the browser. If you like to play entertaining casino games and notice freezes or lags, the problem may be Windows Game Mode. Therefore, turning it off and never turning it on will be logical.

Even though the computer prioritises the performance of programs recognized as games, it places certain limitations on making the software stable.

This practice can be helpful to more modest PCs, but gaming PCs also suffer from it, especially those aimed at maximum performance and FPS. To deactivate the game mode, enter the control panel and disable the option in the corresponding section.

Along with the game mode, you can also turn off the Xbox Game Bar, which noticeably slows down the work if turned on.

Checking for Software and System Updates

Windows itself works strangely sometimes. The reason is often the lack of updates. One of the best ways to get the most out of your PC is always to keep the latest updates for Windows 10. Microsoft frequently releases updates to fix common defects and system errors that slow system performance. Some updates may be minor, while others may make significant changes to the system, such as searching for the latest device drivers that can help improve PC performance.

To check for updates:

  1. Open the Windows menu, then select Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for updates.
  2. If there are updates available, select Install now.
  3. Restart your PC and check if it has improved.

A rather banal and simple advice is to check the correct time on your PC, sometimes the system cannot work with the wrong time zone and date. Yes, this is Windows and that says it all.

Speed and Performance Optimization

As a rule, the biggest problem for our PC is a large number of necessary and unnecessary applications that work in parallel with the game. Accordingly, we need to minimise the number of applications launched with the start of the system, which will significantly reduce the load on the software and the computer itself.

The moment you press the power button, the system turns on all the necessary and not necessary programs, such as Discord, Skype, or other programs necessary to launch.

Many app installers tell Windows to run its programs as soon as the computer starts, which slows down the system. It is up to you to disable or leave specific applications or programs, but remember that some may be important and responsible for sound or checking for updates.

Additional Software

Additional software is an independent program to speed up and optimise the PC. Most of them are explicitly aimed at gaming, but they are also suitable for regular PCs (for office or home). The advantage of such programs is that you do not need to do anything yourself. Everything will be done for you.

The downside will be only intrusive ads in free versions of applications, but often the standard cleaning and updating functions that they offer will work in most cases. If you want the maximum, buy this product or find a hacked version.

When using such software products, it is important to understand that they do not affect the hardware performance of the main computer equipment – video card, processor, etc. For these purposes, there are particular applications for overclocking a PC, but even those cannot boast of the ability to increase the performance of the machine significantly.

Read also our article about New Applications for Developers, maybe you can create a PC optimizer yourself.

But here you need to be careful, you need to download software only from official sites. On other resources, there is a great chance to get an unnecessary program, but another problem in the form of a virus. Destroying the system.

Upgrading and Buying New Parts

Quite serious and not useful advice for everyone, but a PC, especially for gaming, depletes all resources very quickly. Replacing parts with newer ones, especially if it is a video card or SSD, will positively affect the overall “health” of the computer and will not allow more severe problems.

Here it is also necessary to treat the selection of components with special painstaking. Many still remember how video cards melted inside the computer and even made a meme out of this. If the methods described above did not help you, try completely reinstalling Windows by clearing all disks of files. In other cases, you can not do without replacing some (or all) of the components, since any computer becomes obsolete or fails over time.